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GelaX Stun Us with Their Eclectic Binding of Sounds in 2019!

Originating from Toronto, CA, we introduce GelaX, a multi-dimensional band. GelaX is the type of band you can't possibly describe in one word. They're too complex to fit into the category of one thing, and so we ultimately describe the bands sounding as hypnotic, dark, and expressive. GelaX focuses on providing vivid imagery for listeners following along to their sound. Personally, we listened and explored through the experience their music has to offer. It was a striking and colorful event. We were hooked onto their sound once listening, and so it feels only appropriate to take a look at past tracks released in 2019.

Released musical expressions from GelaX in 2019 include "Life", "Crazy Arms", and our personal favorite, "Mr. Sqaure". "Mr. Square" takes on a sultry and alluring appeal in order to attract listeners' full attention. The song expresses the vices of a man, and blends together dark, ethereal synths to create that dramatic vocal effect. "Mr. Square" has a melody that is held almost consistent throughout the song, and it's pretty trippy. The kind of trippy that makes you focused in on the song, and what it has to offer. The effect feels almost hypnotic, and we essentially felt linked with GelaX, especially regarding the vocal performance throughout the track. It was easy to focus on the voice, the instrumentals blended in, and ultimately the message GelaX was communicating. We know that they're planning on releasing new music in 2020, and so we're intrigued to see where they'll take their sound from here. 

Give a listen to "Mr. Sqaure" here.


Welcome, GelaX! It's great to be able to feature you here on BuzzMusic! Tell us how you feel about your artistic journey throughout 2019? How do you think the challenges you've faced throughout 2019 has shaped the success of the band so far?

Hello and thanks once again for including us. 2019 has truly been a busy year in our development, with 3 singles released, plenty of shows throughout the Toronto indie scene and around Ontario, good reactions for our "Life" music video, our first college radios spins, great features by music zines and sites for our "Crazy Arms" and "Life" singles, and a very honoring mention by Adam Carter from CBC music as one of the bands to look out for from Ontario. All of this has helped us sculpt a better plan and outlook on how to go forward with 2020, learning from our mistakes and what worked to fine-tune our approach.

As we know, music, and what used to be constrained to a certain "genre" has been broken down, and genres are less confined to a certain sounding nowadays. The overall sound of GelaX is quite dynamic. What are some genre elements GelaX couldn't create without?

That's quite true. Genres are blending more and more, which is great for GelaX as we never actually defined our sound like one specific genre. We draw inspiration from a lot of electro-rock, proggy sounds, and the unconventional writings of Trip Hop with a healthy dose of the harder side of indie rock. The sky is the limit and it fuels our inspiration.

How did it feel to work through the music video of "Mr. Square"? Did the vision for the video come naturally, or was it a process you had to intricately walk through together?

Kind of a combination of both. So the first idea for it came to our singer's head stemming from her many interactions with "certain" types of men, which of course is related to the lyrics. but since the project is totally DIY and her second video to make with self-editing ( after "Life"), lots of factors affect the direction of it, and we end up improvising the details of it as we go through it, based on budget, space, and ability to shoot it with what we have. It'll definitely be a bigger step from her first video. Look out for it once it's completed in late January 2020.

We've heard that you're coming planning a tour in 2020! That's very exciting! How do you all feel about touring and performing to your listeners?

Very curious and excited to see how they'd react to our newer sounds and approach. We're working on trying to combine our mystery fantasy elements sonically, with a visual dimension to enhance the trip. We want you to leave with an experience that's both entertaining and thought-provoking. Either we'll pull it off, or fail miserably haha.

What are some integral sounds that set GelaX apart from other eclectic bands in this new age of music?

Our constant search for unique and new ways to use our instruments, chord arrangements, and subject matter. We love the unexpected as well as the familiar. But we easily get bored out of our own formulas, which pushes us to experiment on a regular basis.

It was a treat to have you on BuzzMusic to talk about recent releases of the band! Thanks again for taking the time! Where's GelaX bound to go from here, aside from the tour?

The pleasure was ours, thanks for having us :) I think 2020 will be full of surprises. For sure an album, but that's all we'll say for now. We gotta keep some mystery, right?



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