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Genesis7 Releases The Relaxing “Social Chill”

Chicago Native, Genesis7 grew up in a household where he was heavily influenced by Gospel and Soul music. After DJing both Hip Hop and House music locally, Genesis7 turned producing music into his own. Genesis7 specializes in the creation of Classic Boombap, Hip Hop, Lo-Fi Hip Hop and Neo Soul tracks for his own projects, alongside various artists and commercial promotions.

Genesis7 released his new hit single “Social Chill” and it’s the perfect getaway song from your day to day emotions. “Social Chill” emphasizes the element of Lo-Fi Hip Hop with a melodic and relaxing beat that soothes your mood while showcasing various of funky and misplaced instrumentals. If you find yourself feeling stressed out from any daily pressure, stress or tension, by adding Social Chill” to your playlist is the most strategic decision you can make! I mean, despite the subdued energy, this track still manages to be highly entertaining. It hypnotically attracts you into the music subconsciously and you feel as if you’re apart of the song itself. “Social Chill” has a dreamy, seductive soundscape that’s perfect music to set the mood and retain a level of focus and clarity. Genesis7's signature low frequency notes make this track stand out. "Social Chill" shows consistency throughout the record by remaining to a specific style and demeanor. Another cool element about "Social Chill" is if you're an artist yourself, or natural creator - you begin to create your own story to the song! Adding possible lyrics and melodies in your head while listening to the serenity from the beat brings the uppermost peace. "Social Chill" is a laid-back musical journey you must embark on!

Listen to Genesis7's newly released single "Social Chill" here and learn more about Genesis7 below in our exclusive #BuzzMusic interview!

Hi there! Thanks for talking with us. Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

I am Music Producer / Beatmaker Genesis7. I primarily produce Classic BoomBap HipHop, Lo-Fi HipHop, Chillhop, and Neo-Soul music. I sell tracks to artists, I have several placements in commercial advertising and movies, and produce albums of my own; both featuring artists and beat tape instrumentals as well.

What does your creative process look like?

I usually start off by sitting down in my music lab (that’s what I call it lol). The lab is really just a Akai MPD, a Midi Keyboard, an External Soundcard, and my computer where I use the Reason DAW. I usually start off with developing either the drums for the track or the main riffs and melody. After all that has been added I play basslines. And then dress up the track with additional sounds, change ups, and sound effects. About half the time I already have an idea of what type of track I want to do due to something I’m already hearing in my head… and especially if it is for a hired job. The other half of the time I just allow creativity and openness to take its natural course.

Can you tell us about your new song? What is the meaning behind it and what inspired you to write it?

My new song is named “Social Chill”. It is a Lo-Fi HipHop x ChillHop type track. It is the type of the track that someone could actually rap or sing on, but it is actually just an instrumental. It has some nice vibes that will make you want to bob your head. It is the type of track you could hear all type of different vocalist on in your head…. but if you want to put it on in the background while you chill, study, clean, socialize, etc…. it will work for you!

What can your fans expect from you this year?

The full album project “The LoFi Soul Lounge” of which Social Chill is one of the songs is my second project release for the year…. both instrumental projects. Later this year I’ll be releasing another project featuring some of the talented artists I’ve had on projects in the past along with some new fresh talent as well. That album project is already in the works.

What are you hoping audiences gather from your music?

I hope that after people finish listening to my music they walk away literally feeling better than they did prior to listening. All of my music has a positive soulful type feel to it. It is the type of music you can pretty much listen to in any environment.


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