Geno Pacino is Eager to Start 2021 With a Bang

Hailing from the heart of the Englewood area of Chicago, the Artist and Rapper Geno Pacino returns to highlight the extensive creative year he's experienced. We've featured the likes of Geno Pacino on several occasions this past year, and we're more than impressed with the growth we've seen each time around.

Throughout 2020, Geno Pacino spent the year finishing and promoting his most recent album, "Pacino Season," while also releasing a music video for each song on the project.

Releasing three singles this year, which will all be featured on Pacino's upcoming album "Pacino Season 2," Geno Pacino was also featured on several other projects this year, most notably Nate Gramz's single "What I Am."

Speaking on the tracks that Geno Pacino released this year, he started with the upbeat banger "What's My Name," exclaiming to the world who he is and what he plans on achieving. Moving onto Geno Pacino's second single of the year, "Pure," he stated that it's the first single off his upcoming album and most likely the project's strongest track. Fueling the song with his pure emotions and inner frustrations, Geno Pacino sank deep into a reflection on this track.

Ending the year off with his powerful single, "Prayer," Geno Pacino continued with themes of reflection. Touching on topics of his life and past, topics that he doesn't usually dig into, Geno Pacino mentioned that the song goes incredibly deep.

Noting that the year has been so crazy that he's just happy to have made it out in one-piece, we're excited to hear Geno Pacino's upcoming album "Pacino Season 2" as we make our way into 2020.

Congratulations on the various musical endeavors you've undergone this past year. Which experience of yours would you say was the best for your career?

I would have to say the creation of my song Pure. It's like a collage of emotions one of the funny things about being an artist is that you hope what you create is received the way you intend and it's just so much creative genius in that song if you are aware of everything I'm saying.

Speaking on your singles "Pure" and "Prayer," what inspired you to create and release such emotional songs that touch on reflection and life experiences?

Because music is all about tapping into those kinds of emotions & making them so they can inspire the world. That was my intention with both songs Pure is like something to get turned to its inspiration, storytelling, and emotion all mixed together. Prayer is just raw & me exposing some of my wounds it's the type of music I want someone going through a similar situation to be able to go back to and use it to encourage them actually I want that to happen with both songs but Pure is more upbeat in terms of attitude.

What was it like creating all of the music videos you did during 2020? Do you have a team to help you out?

Yeah, all but a few of the videos I did this past year I created with my bro Caliko. I did two animated videos that were created by Big Herc I look forward to doing more of them. I like to call my cartoon videos the animated adventures of GenoPacino lol. I'm open to working with more creatives the videos have really been huge in getting my work out there because a lot of people are quicker to watch videos than stream the music but I'm hoping to balance that out more as I get more people to recognize my music.

What did you take away from the year 2020? Did you find yourself making any realizations that you can carry over to 2021?

What I took away is that 2020 was a terrible year not just for me but the world. I lost a lot of opportunities and momentum because of things canceled for me due to coronavirus but I picked the steam back up. This year has shown me how resilient I am and also how much harder I have to go with my music. These last two years I have been intensely focused on music nothing else no dating or nothing I want my music to be on the world's stage. 2021 it comes to fruition.

Could you tell us what we should expect from your upcoming album "Pacino Season 2"? How does it contrast "Pacino Season"?

Pacino Season 2 is about to be one of the biggest projects of this year. It's all about me getting people to listen or handling my business better or bringing in the people to help me get it out there but the music is there. It's more features on Pacino Season 2 than on Pacino Season I really wanna highlight my crew Da Circle. And show we a force to be reckoned with but also my growth as an artist. I really pick good beats craft good hooks not to pat myself on the back but I'm dope and want the world to know. It's going to be a little more melodic but the rapping is top tier. Also what's different is outside of one song produced by my bro Tre Exel this entire album will be produced by my homie Dre Beats. Last album he did GetAway, & Rudy Ray, and our chemistry is undeniable. So sonically it will be different.

Which piece or experience of yours in 2020 do you feel the proudest of?

Just making it through with my health and sanity and my family intact. It's pretty much that simple.

Besides your upcoming album "Pacino Season 2," what should we expect from you in 2021?

I'm going to drop another project in 2021 I'm already working on new music that's not on Pacino Season 2. So most definitely another album and just more visuals. It's vastly important to add some type of visual component to all the songs I do so it's going to take me a while to get visuals done for all of Pacino Season 2 that's a job itself that will take up some of 2021. Just anticipate more music and know that Pacino Season continues.