Geno Pacino Showing Us How Real Rappers Do It!

Geno Pacino is bringing real rap back with a nice spin on it. Geno is becoming a stand out artist due to his natural grit and raw characteristics that are intertwining with his music. Geno Pacino’s catchy bars is just one of many reasons why you will fall immensely in love with his music. Geno has released hit after hit in 2019. Some including, “Get Away”, “Pacino Season”, “Justice”, “Champagne Campaign” and many more. His hunger and drive for music and success have translated in the numerous singles he has released, steady keeping the ball rolling. The most beautiful part about it? Geno Pacino delivers hard-hitting bars with strong wordplay, which really entices the listener.

Rappers need to spend more meticulous planning and manufacturing of their music, for us to receive the most quality projects possible! Geno Pacino’s passion is radiated through his craft due to the work-ethic he possesses. The culture of hip-hop and rap isn’t how it used to be, and Geno Pacino is a new age classic whose refining the meaning of rap in today’s generation! He is undoubtedly the artist to continue watching out for, as he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve!

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Welcome to BuzzMusic Geno Pacino! How was your upbringing? Mind telling our readers about your background and how you found music to be your calling?

My upbringing was pretty rough I grew up in the Englewood area of Chicago from when I was a kid up until now it's always been considered one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. But in terms of people, it's one of the best. A lot of people have risen to fame & success from that neighborhood I count myself amongst those as I feel I am well on my way to major success in this music industry. On the basketball side, you got a Derrick Rose and you have lots of successful entrepreneurs and people in different fields who grew up in Englewood. It's hard to grow up in the environment that I did and not be affected by it. I could go into a lot of graphic details of situations I been through you pray you never find yourself in. But life mine, In particular, is about rising above obstacles not being a victim of circumstance. 

Who would you consider some major influences for your dope sound?

Myself would be one since I was a little boy my mom always told me " to be your own hero " So my style in terms of delivery lyrics and all is a reflection of the music that speaks to people like myself. I grew up gangbanged been through all the stuff you go through in the hood. So hardcore music or hardcore hip hop speaks to me the most. But I'm also an intellectual and just a laid back regular dude who for the most part tries to stay out of trouble. I think it's more people like me than someone who is super gangster so I exist in more of a gray area. I like that type of music with duality like a Kendrick Lamar or Wu-Tang, Tupac, LL Cool J, 50 Cent, Nas. I like all types of music but it's hard for me to relate to stuff that's not really edgy. My life experience has been one where it's been a lot of poverty, struggle so I can't get into anything too pop or watered down. My life up until this point is what created my style.

How would you describe your own music in one word and why?

Gumbo,  Because it's food for the soul and contains multiple different elements. 

Let’s talk about your releases this year! Which song you feel was the most monumental single of the year for you and why?

That's hard to say because it would be different songs for different reasons. My most viewed video on youtube is " Bet Yo Life " but I can't say that's my favorite song. " Pacino Season " is my most played on the radio in terms of lyrics though " GetAway " & " ChangeUp " are amongst my favorites then I got a fun song like " Champagne Campaign " " Lethal Weapon " directed by my bro Will Gates my hardest video and song really to me. Then you got " Corner 52" or " Empty Land " " I Can't Go On " where I love the messages in the songs. As you can tell all my songs mean a lot to me. If I had to pick absolutely one it would be " Justice" both the song and video conveyed everything that Geno Pacino is about. I want Justice. 

Which song did you find to be the most challenging to create and why is that?

My most challenging song to write would be " I Can't Go On " it's a song where I talk about my granny who passed away who was practically raising me for a huge chunk of my life my mom had me when she was in High School so you know how it is when kids raise kids. And the second verse I dedicated to my son. I write pretty fast so it was easy to write but it's the emotions and place where it came from that was difficult. I'm really a surface level person so I don't talk about the things affecting me but I'm in a lot of pain from just so many different things in my life. Losing my granny was one of my worst moments although it happened years ago. The things I don't say or talk about are the things that hurt me the most. I'm an out of sight out of mind person so I avoid a lot so anything, where I dig into that hurt deep inside of me, is difficult. You wouldn't know half of what I'm dealing with I just smile and keep it moving through life that's how I have gotten this far staying positive and encouraged. 

How do you plan on elevating yourself in 2020 when you’ve already set the bar so high!?

I plan on elevating myself by getting my music on the word's stage which is now and has always been the goal. With the music, I have always gotten great feedback and support but it's by the people who hear it. Almost everyone I have encountered who has taken the time to listen to me loves my music. So the goal is to get it heard more and out there. You can have the best album in the world if nobody hears it then it does not matter. I'm doing everything I can to spread my influence and get more fans and to ultimately be heard. I am going to elevate myself by getting bigger and better venues, projects and more support. The talent is and has always been there it's just getting the talent and opportunities, production value, etc all on the same page. 2020 is about to be amazing I was not even doing this on the level I am now just two years ago my bro East London Bridges heard me in a cipher and introduced me to my bro's ChiseUp and now we got an even bigger team called the Circle and it's vastly different. So just imagine what lies ahead with the support of people like BuzzMusic, Swisher and so many other outlets that have seen the promise in me. I'm on the verge of greatness 2020 it all comes to fruition.