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Genre-Bending Artist Dave Cavalier Drops Newest Single “Rumors”

Dave Cavalier is an alternative blues artist deeply connected to his roots in Chicago but firmly focused on establishing his sound in the City of Angels. From the controlled chaos of his live shows to his bleeding fingers after a raucous set, they seem to be essential ingredients of his art, his persona & his music. With the emotional capacity of a hurricane, Cavalier’s guitar playing is almost as if a tattooed James Dean played guitar like Hendrix, bending his memories into music at every turn, snapping strings most nights in the process. Cavalier still performs every night with the adolescent joy he had playing his father’s guitar to his mother’s favorite records, carving out a niche in today’s landscape of disposable music & entertainment that is decidedly individual.

“Rumors” is an alternative rock/pop track and yet again Dave Cavalier is blowing his fans away! Still featuring Dave’s spectacular textured guitar riffs, “Rumors” keeps a high energy and upbeat pace to keep you toe-tapping along. “Rumors” weaves through the consequences of spreading fake truths. Cavaliers expert lyricism shines on display throughout “Rumors”. My favorite lyric is early on when Dave recites “It’s like they pledge allegiance to the hearsay”. His emotive poetry and expert ear for contemporary music makes “Rumors” a hit! Not only does it provide undertones of Dave cavaliers Chicago Roots, it fuses diverse backgrounds of genres to create one new-wave sound! We can’t wait to see what Dave Cavalier does next.

Give a listen to "Rumours" here, and keep scrolling for Dave's interview with us at BuzzMusic!

Hi Dave! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by telling out readers how you got started in music?

I got started in music as a kid growing up in my dad's music store in a suburb outside Chicago, IL. For as far back as I can remember, I was surrounded by walls of guitars and was lucky enough to grab the ones I wanted off the wall and begin to play. That started my love of music which led to touring around the Midwest in high school, attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and beginning my professional career in Los Angeles.

We love your new track “Rumors”! What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

Living in L.A., it's almost impossible to escape wannabe social media influencers and what some would argue are the darker sides of pop culture. It's ground zero and we inherently just see and learn too much. I'm always reminded of the phrase "high school never ends," every time I hear rumors being whispered behind people's backs, thinly veiled social media tantrums getting thrown and the drama of it all, really. I like to think I do my best to avoid that lifestyle as much as possible and "Rumors" is about the wear and tear of watching the world be less than incredible to each other in those ways. We can all do a lot better job of helping other people live happier lives and "Rumors" was an open letter to those who help feed the negativity.

What’s your writing process look like?

I'm typically inspired by other artists which helps push me in directions I've yet to try and explore. Once I have a basic idea of where I'd love to go with an idea, it's about taking whatever comes first which could be lyrics, melody, music or any combination of the three and running with it to see where it goes. At some point, the song always takes on a life of its own and you no longer are shaping that direction as much as you're keeping the train on the tracks towards its full potential. In the end, there needs to be a great story and something you can move to.

Can you describe your stage presence for someone who has never seen you live before?

I think Randy Radic nailed it in the Huffington Post when he said, "his music defines what is known as the carnal arts - sexy, sensuous, gritty music." I don't shy away from the fact that if you can't dance, f*ck or fight to the music, it's probably wrong. I am a hurricane of genuine emotion, typically snapping strings in the process, dancing and sweating myself into a mess. My goal is always to take it a little farther than the audience just so they know they have the safe space to lose themselves at my shows. The release is what it's all about. For me, performing live is as much a personal exorcism as it is a musical performance.

Who are your biggest musical influences? How do they inspire your sound?

I've always said the four pillars of my electric church were Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton and B.B. King. Their influence is smattered all over my guitar playing. But growing up on those records, I also stole Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains albums from my older brother as a kid. Pair that with my deep love of R&B artists like James Brown and Sam Cooke along with new school cats like Jacob Banks and I think you'll find me at the intersection of them all: soulful, sexy, gritty music that's as loud as it is carefully constructed to try and tell you a great story.


Follow up with Dave Cavalier and his music via the artists socials:


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