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GentleBeatz Takes You On A Journey Through “Soul City”

GentleBeatz is an artist and producer currently residing in Mozambique. His style can best be categorized as lo-fi hip-hop/chill-hop. His latest project Soul City was released December 31. GentleBeatz takes listeners to places they’ve never been. Through 8 tracks, you go through an emotional journey from broken-hearted to healed and sadness to happiness. Giving room for multiple interpretations for listeners to hear what they want at different points on their own paths. No matter where you are on your on journey, Soul City has something for you.

This artist is truly artistic. It is no lie that he has a way of gathering musical components from jazz, reggae, hip-hop, soul, blues, EDM, r&b, folk, indie, and even world sounds to make his own very unique and distinct sound. Lo-Fi music is one of my top favs but when artist combine other sounds to that seamlessly it gives it a whole new taste. Picture your favorite ice cream but then they come out with a more creamier version and add your favorite toppings. Yum right? Exactly how this track turned out. The story in this track alone for me gave me a great deal of confidence. Like I made it through something and came out a winner and now I am walking with my head held high and this song playing on repeat in my airpods.

Listen to Soul City here.

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