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Geonitious Gives an Exclusive Look Into His Single “L's to Lemonade”

Welcome to BuzzMusic Geo! Talk to us about your stage name! What’s the story behind “Geonitious”?

Geonitous is pronounced (Gee—Oh- Nai- Tuhs); like Leonidas from the  300 Spartans. I got into Mythology after the movie 300 came out and my first name is Geo. I found it fit to combine the two names as a nickname in high school and kind of kept it as a moniker thereafter. 

First, thank you for your service! What was it like growing up in Texas and relocating to California? How do the two music scenes differ?

Thank you for your support! Shout out to all the US Marines and US Military service members and veterans. Growing up in the Sun City of El Paso was aight. You don’t really realize how different it is until you leave. It’s Mexican AF. I didn’t even know I had an accent until I met other black folk when I joined the Marine Corps. Music was always late on our radio Man! It was so frustrating knowing about fire music that came out, being broke and being able to buy, and not hearing that joint on the radio. That was pre-MP3 days. These youngins don’t even know the struggle haha. But it’s caught up a lot. El Paso gave you R&B singer Khalid! Your welcome. But the music scene between the two states is what you expect, west coast hip-hop vice southern rap. 

We really enjoyed your single “L's to Lemonade”. How would you describe your creative process behind this record?

Oh man, Thank you. I’m glad you guys liked it. That song is near and dear to me, I still sing it myself when I get frustrated through my day. So I originally wrote it to a different beat, but after I heard the one I ended up choosing, I had to cop it from KrissioBeats. I love all his instrumentals. I did the recording in my home studio; which is just my mic, my MacBook, and an audio interface. I did the vocal tracking myself. The final mix and master was done by my engineer Jay Barnet at  Jagged Audioworks in Tampa FL. 

What inspired you to write this single? Do you draw any musical inspiration from any other artists? Who?

I wrote it during the worst part my 2019. Friends, family and everything in between turned their backs on me and I was left with nothing but my faith and hope that things would get better. So this song is about turning your “L’s” into Lemonade; making the most of the situation. 

Yo for real: Andy Mineo, Lecrae, Ty Brasel, Young Noah, Joey Vantes, Travis Scott, and Future are my go-to artist. 1K Phew and Derek Pope stay in my rotation as well. Andy Mineo Mineo, most of all.

What are you looking forward to the most out of this year in 2020? What can we expect to see from you?

I'm dropping another project in the fall! It’ll be at least 5 songs. I’m looking forward to new beginnings. I’m starting a new rap artist collab page called “Barz & 808’s”. It’ll be a place for indie artists to share music and opportunities to feature music. I’m trying to establish a tighter SoCal Rap community. 

Listen to Geonitous here!


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