Geonitous Showcases Flawless Skill-Set In “Conquest”

Geonitous AKA Geo is a southwestern, heat spitting, underground artist based in El Paso, Texas. The US Marine Veteran has made his way around the country and spent nearly 4 years in Asia experiencing various cultures that have facilitated his relatability for his listeners; from the simple relationship ballad to the life-contemplating-soul-searching masterpieces. His new 3 song Extended Play titled, Conquest EP, takes you on an expedition of emotions that will make you want to overcome adversity with a newly instilled confidence that can not be diluted by petty perceptions or your insecurities. 

“Conquest” is the namesake on Geonitous’ newest EP and we can't get enough! The hard-hitting hip-hop track boasts Geonitous’ expert flow and precise bars. Contemporary hip-hop vibes run strong throughout “Conquest”. The raw and powerful energy exuded throughout this track is admirable. Geonitous remains authentic and transparent while he tells the story of his real life experiences. “Conquest” is a retrospective track that takes the listener on Geonitous’ journey and come up. Geonitous gives the listener a chill vibe and smooth track while they can easily take in his creativity. Geonitous plays with an experimental arrangement of the trap beats as his main backbeat and we’re loving it. I highly recommend you check out this track and stay on the lookout for Geonitous!

Listen to "Conquest" here and get to know more about Geonitous below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourself and telling us how you got started in music?

What's good! My name is Geo. I go by Geonitous I'm rapper from Texas, living in Oceanside California. I'm a 28 year old mixed race (Black/Mexican) American. I've been making music for about 3 years now. Music has been around every aspect of my life since I was a kid. I first started rapping with friends and family while I was in high school and it was just something I would do for fun. There was a period where the rap scene was garbage to me and I didnt really even listen to rap all that much. While stationed in Okinawa Japan, I bought my first audio interface, downloaded a few mixtapes and I put together my first record in 2013. It was during that time, that I got the inspiration to take my craft to the next level. Upon my return to the United States, when Tampa Florida was my new home, I went through a doleful period where I was going through a divorce, we had lost a baby and subsequently lead to a financial crisis. Where I had nothing else besides the music, I decided to focus that negative energy into a Music Project. As I would write my songs, I had this unspoken mantra that "I needed to conquer all my problems". Also, My nickname in high school was Geonitous (like Leonidas, king of Sparta). Conquest just made sense as the EP's name. The title made so much more sense as I kept trying to finish and publish the damn thing, just due to the amount obstacle I had to surmount.

Who are you musical influences? How do they inspire you? How has your upbringing shaped who you are as an artist?

My Dad DJ'd while he was in the US Army and my Mom Danced in college so my musical Influences were broad in genre. I grew up listening to Southern Rappers, like Two Live Crew, DJ Laz, Playa Pancho, Nelly, and Ying Yang Twins but would also have Cyndi Lauper, Madona, and Prince other random pop styles songs blaring in the speakers of my home. These artist influenced my desire to play with different sounds and make music that sound different from others. Having lived in Asia for 4 years, you hear all types of sounds and cadences, this also influences my lyrical delivery in my songs. I strive to have good content that you can feel and identify with but delivered with dynamic cadences. My favorite Rapper is Andy Mineo. I love how though he's Christian Rapper, his music is super relatable and inspiring regardless of your beliefs. It gives me hope, so I just try to sprinkle a little bit of that in my content as well.

What does your single “Conquest” mean to you? What was the writing process for this track?

Conquest was the first song I wrote for the project as an intro to show who I am and why I'm here. I'm southwest heat spitter 🤙🏾 I'm at a point in my life where I'm not afraid to do anything. Conquer all my enemies, conquer my insecurities, conquer all my problems. Right now, I want to make music that inspires people to find their own conquest and make it through their own arduous trails.

What’s next for you?

I'm dropping another single next month (end of Aug) called "Ls2Lemonade". Its about staying positive through adversity. I'm also working on my first Album. No title yet but its half way done!


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