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George Khouri and Klassik Crash Our Speakers With a New Album, 'LUCKY 7'

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and recording artist George Khouri teams up with multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Klassik for their optimistic and groovy 7-track album, 'LUCKY 7.'

George Khouri's music truly embodies our contemporary era, as his sound and style are constantly evolving across vast genres and approaches. The innovative rapper and singer-songwriter recently paired up with the international-charting artist Klassik, who continues to garner inspiration from sounds like r&b, hip-hop, rock, alternative, pop, classical, and gospel.

Recently releasing their collaborative 7-track album, 'LUCKY 7,' the two artists open the experience with the introductory track, "FUNK DAT," which kicks the album in gear with a groovy and funky sound that takes us back a few decades. As Klassik opens the song with his warm and lush vocal stylings, he offers this bright and energetic flair that perfectly transitions into the powerhouse verse from George Khouri. As the plucky bassline and exhilarating instrumentation continue to blast through our speakers, the two artists truly set this irresistible and intoxicating tone to the album that leaves us tapping our feet.

Diving into track number two, "GO NOWHERE," Klassik brightly opens this song with his melodically dense vocal portrayal singing a passionate message that paves the way for George Khouri's rhythmic verse. As George Khourii begins to expand on unhealthy relationship habits, he offers this overall sense of clarity and desire that emphasizes living life without regrets. We adore the mid-tempo R&B feel of this track, as it adds this dense layer of depth to the record while transitioning from genre to genre. We must also mention how perfectly George Khouri and Klassik's vocals contrast each other, as it keeps our heads turning from beginning to end.

Getting groovy with the next track, "EYES ON U," Klassik opens the song with an incredibly romantic message of leaving his eyes set on someone special. As the sonics offer this warm and passionate contemporary r&b feel, George Khouri makes his way in while placing his girl on a pedestal and basking in all her glory. We love the passionate and desirous feel of this song, as it not only fits the upbeat album perfectly, but it helps us get to know the two artists on a more personal level. As the sonics continue their light-hearted and lush venture, George Khouri and Klassik take us to the outro with nothing but heart and energy.

Continuing the same midtempo and lush sound for the next tune, "GIRL I USED TO KNOW," Klassik opens the song with his sweet and harmonious vocals that truly leave us in awe of the song's chilling and uplifting feel. While a hefty bass-like synth takes our speakers by storm alongside shimmering synths, George Khouri makes his vocal appearance and brings us this irresistible 00s rap sound that triggers all sorts of nostalgia. We can't help but hear a similar funk-like approach to Bruno Mars, especially as Klassik serenades us on the hook with the utmost passion and charisma.

Spicing up the groove with the next track, "WANNA FLY," this song takes off with this 70s tone and feels through the grooviest of basslines, a funky piano melody, and crisp drum breaks. As Klassik's beaming vocals open the track once more, George Khouri tackles the first verse while exclaiming his ever-growing passion for someone who makes him "WANNA FLY." We can feel this overall Dua Lipa approach through the sonics in this record, as it takes us back to the 70s while also incorporating significant modern and contemporary aspects that keep us locked in and engaged.

Landing on a more lush and serene listening experience with the sixth track, "MORE TIME," the song kicks off with Klassik's melodic vocals that crave more time with someone special. While the sonics back him up with their modern r&b drum breaks and synth arrangements, George Khouri makes his way in and takes the pace down a notch. As he takes his time to deliver his passionate bars, George Khouri reminds us of overwhelming love while wishing he could handle his heart like he can his liquor. We love this song's mid-tempo pace, as it's bound to make any listener get up and groove.

Sending a chill or two down the spine with the outro track, "LUCKY TONIGHT," this track truly embodies what the entire record has to offer, as George Khouri and Klassik remind us to have faith and optimism with each endeavor. As Klassik's sweet vocals open the track for the last time, George Khouri jumps into his verse with his deepened vocals while emphasizing the endless luck and opportunity that knocks on his door. We adore the exhilarating and stimulating sonics within this track, as it leaves us in an intoxicated state with each groovy synth melody and tight drum break.

Up your luck with help from George Khouri and Klassik's latest 7-track album, 'LUCKY 7,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic George Khouri and Klassik, and a big congratulations on the release of your 7-track album, 'LUCKY 7.' What inspired the creation of this album based on luck, fate, and opportunity?

George: Lately, I’ve been feeling more aligned with my destiny than ever. I woke up one morning and decided to be unapologetically me…and that’s when big things started manifesting. Fate happens when you live your passions.

Klassik: It was a mixture of luck and fate. George and I hadn’t collaborated together in many years, and given the lockdown, the world was going through with COVID, we had the opportunity to talk and collaborate creatively. We started with One track, then two tracks, then without much thought, we had a full album in our hands. That would have never happened if we weren’t in quarantine and that’s how fate played out with Lucky 7. We found a silver lining through the pandemic that allowed us to create this body of work.

What drew you to collaborate with Klassik on an entire record? What was your collaboration like when creating 'LUCKY 7?'

George: Klassik and I have a natural musical synergy. I love how his singing compliments my rapping style. He builds layers and walls of sound that make our music truly unique. I drop rhythmic, punchy lines into the space that he creates for me. Klassik recorded his parts in NYC while I dropped my bar in LA. This is a coast-to-coast album!

Did the two of you produce the groovy and dynamic sonics for 'LUCKY 7?' Why did you want to capture such a funky and uplifting sonic tone for this record?

George: All of the brilliant instrumentation on our album was created by the same producer. The benefit of working with the same producer for an entire album is that it creates a cohesive sound. We wanted to capture such a funky and uplifting tone for this record because we felt it was time to bring the FUNK back! Lucky 7 is a great old school/new school mashup. We love the idea of crossing these elements over into Pop and Hip Hop. We both love George Clinton, Funkadelic, and James Brown. Silk Sonic and Dua Lipa are our contemporary inspirations.

Is there a track within 'LUCKY 7' that sticks out as your personal favorite? What makes you so drawn to that particular song?

George: My personal favorite track on LUCKY 7 is FUNK DAT. I’m drawn to FUNK DAT because it’s an anthem for Funk being a modern musical concept. We shot a super exciting music video for Funk Dat that will be premiering soon.

Klassik: The track that I most enjoy would be GIRL I USED TO KNOW. I love the openness of the track as well as the way my vocals and George’s vocals create a very introspective feeling. Listeners can personally connect with their own experiences through listening to that song.

Seeing that 'LUCKY 7' is a rather optimistic and encouraging album, do you usually release music that uplifts the listener? Do you normally create such positive and cheerful music?

George: At the end of the day, we wanted to make an album that everyone can dance to the front to back. There are no interludes or skits…just back-to-back hits! Press play and the party doesn’t stop. This is the album that you can play at a cookout, road trip, boat cruise, birthday celebration, or even a wedding reception! If people love our music AND it makes them feel better, that’s two wins for us!


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