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Geovanni's Creative Artistry Mesmerizes Us In His Stellar New Album “Modern Boy”

Geovanni released his anticipated album titled “Modern Boy”. A refreshing collection of authentic and catchy songs about love, the past, the future, and his life! “Modern Boy” begins with “Here We Go”, a delightful song with vibrant elements in the production that served as a pleasant introduction to this album. “Here We Go” was delicate and relaxed while having great positive energy that radiated upon the listener. “Here We Go” gave us strong Tyler The Creator & Chance The Rapper vibes! It was wavy but still substantial. The next song that transitioned in on this album was “New Whip!”. “New Whip!” instantly showed a nice transition from “Here We Go”. “New Whip!” begins with a beatbox before the banging trap beat came in, giving the listener a hard-hitting gritty approach to this album.

“New Whip!” had catchy punchlines while the beat was a head-banger. This was an eloquent transition that had us excited to hear what was next on this album! The next song “Comfortable” took us out of the party mode with its melodic piano instrumentation. “Comfortable” was another HIT! Geovanni just continues to show us versatility and multiple dimensions. “Comfortable” was a rhythmic, afro-beat, pop-fused electronic hit that bridged together multiple genres and gave us this exhilarating energy that just propels us into the album completely. We were captivated by the vibe that “Comfortable” gave us. The next song, “Metamorphosis” came in and we were just absolutely mesmerized. The dream-like atmospheric elements and soaring melody hypnotized us into this song. “Metamorphosis” showed us strong influence from many ethereal legends like The Weeknd and Daniel Caesar.

After feeling like we were abducted into paradise, Geovanni showed us that he can still project those tough bars with the short but tough 29-second song “Air It Out”. Right after “Air It Out”, “Energy” transitions in. “Energy” felt like the ultimate combination of most of the elements we heard prior to this song. The rhythm was groovy, the bass was intense, and the atmosphere still felt like an escape. “Energy” was a unique song that showed how unpredictable Geovanni is! The next song that came in was the soulful “Sunset”. “Sunset” had smooth-sailing instrumentation that calms you into relaxation.

Geovanni's vocal resonance is just so groundbreaking, and delicate but rich. “Sunset” was the perfect kind of vibe that adds this silk touch to the album as a whole. This album ends with “Forward”, a heart-rending song that had a gorgeous delivery complemented with passionate lyricism. “Forward” was highly thought-provoking, giving you a chance to reflect on your mindset and present feeling of life. Geovanni is a ground-breaking artist. He impressed us fully and showed us how naturally talented he is with unpredictable artistry that’s loaded with diverse layers. “Modern Boy” was a nuanced offering from a poignant artist that’s bound to accomplish great things this year! You can check out “Modern Boy” by Geovanni here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Geovanni! You have a diverse sound that we absolutely love! Can you tell us about some of your musical inspirations and how they have helped to shape your sound?

Thank you so much BuzzMusic! I'm blessed to be in this interview with you guys. Musically I'm vocally inspired by legends such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Christopher Cross, The BeeGees and Earth, Wind and Fire. Recent artists usually inspire me on my production such as Kanye West, Young Thug, Playboi Carti, Kendrick Lamar, Anderson Paak, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, and Steve Lacy. So as you can see, alot of Pop, Funk, R&B and Hip Hop sounds have shaped me.

Your album “Modern Boy” is flawless. You arranged the songs perfectly and delivered great transitions. Was the chronological placement of these tracks planned? Can you give us some detail on the production of this album?

Thank you so much! The entire recording and engineering process took about 2 months. When it came to sequencing, the idea came along after finishing 3 songs. My friend from the Netherlands, the producer Maykid (, gave me the beat to "New Whip". A producer from Jamaica, Oblivion, had a unique snippet that he sent to a message group I'm in, and I transformed it into the catchy "Air It Out!" As for the other songs, it was me on production on my phone. I recorded, mixed, and mastered them all on Ableton in my bedroom. The lyrics came from my head in the following weeks. My right hand on the project was my friend Benjamin M. Grant (@benboat_). He was also the extra verse on Comfortable and assisted in the grassroots marketing for Modern Boy, and was honest with me on how every track sounded. He even assisted on the vision for "Forward."

Which song from “Modern Boy” was the most challenging for you to write and why?

The most challenging, which wasn't challenging, but emotional, was "Forward." The song is a love letter to Bahamians by a Bahamian and was written to sympathize with and unite those who were affected by hurricane Dorian. Revisiting that moment was difficult initially, but I felt that the honesty and hope made the song worth writing.

What does "Modern Boy" mean to you?

"Modern Boy" to me is more than a collection of good songs. To me, its the product of focusing on making something awesome to me. It's also meant to transcend the heart of whoever listens to it. To me, its a stab at innovation and to what I'm good at, and how I was feeling as a young man at the time. It's my way of saying: Look at me! I make good music and I do dope shit. It's also a beacon for the world to see and take note that The Bahamas has something to say. We have so many talented people. I'm just one of many.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

2020 is the launchpad. I'm currently in college but the show will go on. There will be more content, more great music, more "Boy" projects, and more features. My friend Kuhseek and I got a project called "Sunday" coming February 23rd. I plan on having great live performances and go regional. Expect to also see my style more refined and creative. I'm going out more and enjoying life, and I'm gonna grow more as a person and an artist. The actions I want to put into 2020 will be astounding for me and for music. 



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