Gerald B Unleashes the Beast in a New Music Video, "Dancing With Wolves"

Taking his talents from Indiana to Los Angeles, the hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter Gerald B delivers electrifying visuals with his haunting music video for "Dancing with Wolves."

Growing up in Muncie, Indiana, Gerald B's music and live shows began creating quite the buzz around his hometown, which naturally deepened his passion for music and performing. While moving to Los Angeles in early 2020, Gerald B sought every opportunity to expand his sound and style, striving to leave his audience consumed and captivated.

Back and ready to attack, Gerald B's latest music video for his single, "Dancing with Wolves," serves all the tenacity and dominance we can find in modern hip-hop. While Gerald B delivers a powerhouse performance dressed in a werewolf mask, his supporting visuals and scenes submerge us into a deep and dark fantasy world.

Directed and shot by Mario Visions, "Dancing with Wolves" begins with a conceptual scene of Gerald B stumbling into a locker room with a worrisome look on his face. As he carefully glances toward the mirror in front of him, Gerald hits the ground and later arises as a beast, a hairy, four-legged werewolf. At this moment, Gerald B jumps into his ferocious performance and delivers his low-toned vocals/bars for us to groove away alongside.

We must mention the incredible special fx makeup done by Alexandra Bayless and Ashley Stansbury, as Gerald B's werewolf 'mask' brings such realism that truly adds a unique depth to the video's vision and concept. As Gerald B continues his fierce performance alongside the striking visuals and various scene changes, he later wakes up in front of the same mirror back to normal and walks off with a sigh of relief.

Unleash your beast with help from Gerald B's latest music video, "Dancing with Wolves," now available on YouTube.

We're truly impressed by the authentic and powerful theme within your latest music video, "Dancing with Wolves." Where did you find the inspiration to play this werewolf character?

I'm kind of obsessed with the 80s. I love the movie Teen Wolf with Michael J Fox. It's such a classic. I just wanted to give my little spin on it.

How did the shooting process go with director and videographer Mario Visions for your music video, "Dancing with Wolves?" How did he help bring your visions to life?

The shooting process was super smooth. He's a professional and takes his job seriously. He's very knowledgeable at what he does. I simply told him I wanted to go for a more modern, Teen Wolf feel for the video. We each watched the film, bounced ideas, and boom! He came up with some dope shots and put them together and a masterpiece!

Out of curiosity, how long did it take to create and apply your werewolf special fx makeup with the MUA's for your music video, "Dancing with Wolves?"

The special fx makeup was done by Alexandra Bayless and Ashley Stansbury. It took about 3 hours to complete.

What sort of message or story did you want to get across to your audience with the entirety of your music video, "Dancing with Wolves?"

Life is a journey we all take on. Not everyone will understand you while going through it, and that's ok! Keep going! Sometimes the things you want for yourself have to be done by yourself. Go get it! No matter what! Don't let anything standing in your way. Especially fear.

What's next for you?

I'm actually new to LA for about a year now. I'm pretty fresh here. I've been bouncing around to studios and releasing new music. I'm just networking and pursuing my big moment. I'm ready to take my talents to the big stages. What better place than the City of Angels.