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Geri D'Fyniz Has a Specific Message in Store With His Latest Release, "Watch Me Ghost"

Geri D'Fyniz hails from Chicago, IL, where he predominantly focuses on creating contemporary Hip/Hop music. Geri D'Fyniz has the main vision of aiding others with empowering messages and ideologies. This vision is honed into the very music he produces today, but also throughout his life as an artist. Geri D'Fyniz has his goals in mind and has been smoothly executing them throughout the course of his artistic career thus far. In recent times, Geri D'Fyniz has been able to construct a purely wavy single for listeners to simply bask in, titled "Watch Me Ghost". 

"Watch Me Ghost" has that natural and almost Egyptian-like feel to it with the chosen production. The track immediately sets listeners up for what to expect with its bustling introductory rhythm, which only holds itself consistent for the entirety of the track. The fast-paced tempo doesn't let up at any moment throughout this energy-packed single, and Geri D'Fyniz takes full advantage of the projected ambiance. Regardless of the intended message, "Watch Me Ghost" was designed to make listeners move and groove. This is where Geri D'Fyniz exploits the best parts of the song and gets the upper hand on morphing the addicting melody of "Watch Me Ghost". The agenda of "Watch Me Ghost" is put down pretty clearly by Geri D'Fyniz, and the artist gives listeners an easy opportunity to decode the songs overall purpose. All in all, "Watch Me Ghost" is a hyped track that Geri D'Fyniz had no problem surging his passion into. 

Discover Geri D'Fyniz in his latest single "Watch Me Ghost" here



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