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Gesny is in Full Bloom With, "Cherry Blossom"

Gesny is a young rapper, singer, and graphic designer posted up in the Midwest. He first found music at a young age and eventually fell in love with it as a way to express himself and speak to his listeners. Stating, ‘It’s like the world and I each have a tin can and music is the string that allows us to communicate.’

The latest single by Gesny is titled “Cherry Blossom,” and it hones in on an Oriental feel throughout the delicate instrumentation that signifies growth. Serving as an anthem for fresh beginnings after experiencing a hard year, the reflection that happens in the lyrics professed truly speaks to us on a personal level. “Cherry Blossom,” also serves as an ode to a special person who was able to get Gesny through the hardships, so he could see better days amongst the horizon.

Although producing a meaningful message, his lyrical dexterity is not compromised as he ensures to produce an ample display or wordplay. The melodic verses that we weave through embody such a vast amount of charisma. You hear passion pour into each carefully fashioned word that is articulated and you grasp onto the emotion placed behind a song of this caliber as you hear Gesny riding the flourishing waves with a textured dimension in his vocal delivery.

With moments throughout the composition that solely focus on the music laced into the beat, you have personal instants to reminisce on the trials and tribulations you have overcome in your lifetime as Gesny’s verses simmer in your mind. Be prepared to tap into your self-awareness as you triumphantly embark on the sonic voyage of “Cherry Blossom.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Gesny, and congratulations on the release of “Cherry Blossom.” As you touch on the growth that has flourished over the past year, could you please share with your audience what this song means to you on a deeper level?

There are really two pieces to "Cherry Blossom" and the first of those pieces is that this song represents a change in both mindset and circumstance. Last spring things looked dismal and I know at least for me personally, and I'm sure quite a few others, there wasn't a lot of hope to hold on to. "Cherry Blossom" represents not only the fact that things are looking up now but also the fact that we should celebrate that they are. The other piece of this song is that it never would have been possible without the person it's about. I had someone who was there for me, and never gave up on me even when I failed them. Whenever I just didn't have it in me to believe in myself they would always remind me that I was "worth belief in". This song never would have been possible without her, and I wanted to make sure that she knew how much she means to me.

How long did it take for you to create “Cherry Blossom?" Was there anyone else part of your team assisting you in the sound or release? If so, how did they contribute to the vision?

Compared to some of the other songs that I've made, Cherry Blossom took a surprisingly short amount of time. I was actually working on making beats for some of my friends but when I made this one I just put so much of myself and so much heart behind it that I couldn't part with it. The first verses and the chorus came to me really quickly and the hardest part of the whole song was probably that second set of verses. I worked on them at school and at work and at home though and eventually I was able to get what I felt truly expressed the feeling behind "Cherry Blossom". If there was anyone else I could thank it would have to be my engineer JPKilledIt for his fantastic work on the song. Promise it would not have sounded as refined and clean as it does now without his expertise. And of course, this song never would have been possible if not for the person it's for.

What does your typical creative process look like? Could you please take us into how “Cherry Blossom” was created?

I had recently discovered some exotic instruments in my DAW that I could use to make beats, one of those being the Japanese harp, or Koto, that you hear in the background. I've always been fascinated by ancient instruments like the Koto or the Chinese Erhu and I'd always wanted to make a beat with them and combine ancient sounds with modern beat-making. I always like to title my beats too, and as the beat began to take shape it sounded more and more like a cherry blossom. Couldn't exactly explain how that works but when I played the beat back I just had this image in my head of Japanese cherry blossoms in all their glory. After I decided to keep the beat and not sell it, the name stuck and from it came parts of the themes and inspirations that you can hear in the song today.

If your audience could take away one thing from this song, what would you want it to be?

Chin up, life's getting better. Celebrate special occasions or even just the quiet moments. Bear the trials with your team and don't try to do it alone. Try to look at life like a rose petal; blooming, bright, not free of thorns, but worth it because of the beauty. Tell the people who have stayed down with you that they have changed your life. Dream on and dream often. Fly to Japan and take your best friend with you, or go grab your favorite drink with a loved one. Be reminded that God and others love you and that you are worth being believed in. Never forget that for all its struggles, life can still be a Dreamland.


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