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Get A Shot Of Adrenaline With JabberMouth’s “Bored To Death”

Formed in 2017, JabberMouth is an unflinching, fast-paced, kick you in the teeth, punk-rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Their adrenaline drenched sound has been curated by years of listening to and playing songs by bands like Black Flag, Misfits, and Circle Jerks. The themes of their music are based on and revolve around their beliefs as realists. Brothers, Ham Nasty (vocals and bass) and Buzz (drums) have been playing music as far back as their stoned minds can remember. During middle school, they met Chris Diaz (guitar) and the band was complete. Their music has evolved and strengthened throughout the years of them jamming in their garage, as well as playing in their previous project, Einstein. The band can be found tearing up the stage regularly at dive bars, clubs and just about anywhere that can handle their unrestrained energy. Their debut LP “Mother's Choice” is out now!

Featured on “Mother’s Choice” is the raw and animalistic single “Bored To Death”. JabberMouth keeps high energy punk-rock alive and well with this memorable track “Bored To Death”. Cascading guitars and high octane drums accompany a chorus of voices and a structurally varied melody that lets the experience rain down in the way that vintage indie rock once did. And with all of this comes a sense of authenticity from JabberMouth, as if this is what the band has to do, this is what they’ll be doing whether you’re listening or not. It’s a great sound, raw and real, with some refreshingly entertaining songwriting.

Check out “Bored To Death” here and read more with JabberMouth below!

Hey JabberMouth! Congrats on the release of your new LP “Mother’s Choice”! What does this project represent for you?

This album represents all of our hard work & dedication to the music we write & love performing. It’s a compilation of songs we’ve written throughout the years recorded to tape for your listening pleasure! We hope the audience enjoys our debut LP “Mother’s Choice”.

Where is the best setting to listen to “Bored To Death”, and what do you hope people take away from it?

The best setting would be while stuck in traffic on your way to work. The lyrics of the song try to evoke feelings of urgency to live your best life. Too many people waste their lives not following their dreams & aspirations.

What are your thoughts on mainstream music today?

Mainstream music today is the same as it was yesterday, boring! Too many artists follow the same songwriting formulas making everything sound the same. There are great artists out there today but unfortunately, they don’t always appeal to the masses.

If you had to pick just one song in your collection to adequately describe your sound, which song would you choose and why?

“Mirror Mirror” from our second EP “Put Me On The Guestlist”. The lyrics are about self-reflection during hard times in our lives. It’s about reminding yourself who you really are and pushing past the bull****.

What are your main aspirations as a band going forward?

We would love to play festivals with the artists who have inspired us. Since we are an independent band we would hope to get signed to a major label. Other than that we are looking forward to touring soon!


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