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Get a Taste for "Paradise," With Trey Triple A.

Being raised between Denver, Colorado, and Atlanta, Georgia it’s only natural that this suburban kid shares the knowledge and values of the street culture. Rising star Trey Triple A. is truly one of a kind and displays this through his music in various ways.

At first sight, you can’t help but notice his high level of creativity and confidence through his unique sense of fashion. Being a man of few words, in an era where social media gimmicks and clout chasing is at an all-time high, rather than following trends or doing anything for likes he seems to let it all out through his music, art, and style, by using his natural talent to express and explain what’s going on inside.

From his most recent album, ‘A Picture I Painted,’ we get to focus on the melodically thriving essence of the single “Paradise.” Trey Triple A. joins forces with TheyCallHimAP in order to bring us these simmering, good vibrations that protrude through the overall concept of this record.

“Paradise,” strikes our ears as the perfect summertime bop with the uplifting illumination that the instrumentation embodies. We can’t help but to transport our minds to a blissful utopia as the prominent vocalization of Trey Triple A. cascades through the wavy layers of musicality with lyrical motifs such as, ‘life is a beach where I’m from.’ There’s an instantaneous likability factor that this track encompasses.

Through the numerous dimensions that the melismatic timbres carry forth, we’re open to the depth that Trey Triple A. continues to offer up to his fan base. When TheyCallHimAP hops on the track, his dominant, emcee-like delivery gives this record a taste for the old-school flair that we live for.

Combining their dynamism in a way that has both the new wave and roots of Hip-hop on display, we couldn’t ask for this duo to convey a better expression of what it means to have a well-rounded song paving the way.

We love the ultimate feel that “Paradise” brings to us as we take this track in. What was your inspiration behind the song’s meaning?

This was my reminder to keep going because I’m in my bag and shouldn’t question it! I honestly was feeling like I’m so far from where I want to be that I was starting to have my doubts, but as I was sitting there I was listening to some of my old music and watching some of my music videos from the past and just thought back on those moments where I was still trying to figure out the simple parts of the music and the how to make things happen. It just reminded me that I’ve come so far and have so much to be proud of and though I’m not where I want to be that I still came a long way. Paradise is what and where ever you make it enjoy the journey as much as the achievement.

In terms of what it means to you, and what it means to others, what are you hoping that your listeners can take away from this record?

I think this plays into my first answer, just have fun with life, and when you start to feel down about what you don’t have remind yourself of what you do have. Remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Paradise isn’t always the glitter and golds the beaches or expensive vacations sometimes you just have to bring sand to the streets and see the paradise you’re already living in. No matter where you are if the vibes are right, then that sounds like paradise to me.

We love the energy that’s provided throughout this entire song! What was it like working with TheyCallHimAP in order to bring this vision to life? How did the collaboration come to be?

Working with TheyCallHimAP is like rapping at the lunch table back in high school, just play the beat and we will go off! we both are pretty quick when it comes to writing and recording so, to be honest, we were left with a lot of time to just enjoy the art we had created and vibe out. I had most of the song recorded by the time AP got to the studio but he literally wrote and recorded his verse in about 15 minutes max, this won’t be the last you hear from us.

What can you tell us about how “Paradise” fits into the album ‘A Picture I Painted’? What can your audience expect from this project?

Paradise is one of the more upbeat songs on the album it’s fun, it’s summer, it’s a vibe that couldn’t be left out. A picture I painted is just my art on display, it’s me through and through, I just wanted to make this project full of my style and the music I refrain from following trends when it comes to my art music, so this is me saying “here’s my art, I hope you see the beauty in it that I do, I may not have used your favorite colors or I may color outside of the lines at times but it is my art that I am proud of.”

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