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Get A Taste Of Electro-Soul Brilliance In “Desperate Electric” By Dash

DASH is a progressive electro-soul duo, consisting of bassist and vocalist Kayti Korte, along with multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer, Ben Morris.  Formed in February 2018, the vocal powerhouse duo aimed for a full band sound rooted in rock 'n roll, soul, and funk. The pair focuses on vocal-centric, dynamic songwriting, with the sound to back it up. Combining elements of electronic dance music with traditional soul and rock, DASH fuses electronic percussion and synthesizer with live guitar, bass, keyboard, and their signature vocal harmonies.

Dash’s EP “Desperate Electric” is out now and truly showcases the duo’s ability to perform. Titled track off the EP, “Desperate Electric” features an incredibly refreshing set-up, the song has elements of R&B about it in terms of being memorable and subtly catchy, but it authentically tips its hat to the soul offerings of a simpler time. The harmony and performance undoubtedly guide this, moving skillfully and passionately throughout the song’s various moments and thoughts. The rise up from softness to grit is sensational, showcasing an artist completely lost in the moment. That kind of raw intensity is rare these days, but it’s absolutely the sort of thing that captivates an audience. It draws you in with its purity and power, relating to listeners in a poetic and uninhibited fashion. “Desperate Electric” is a beautifully compelling and addictive song, from a duo with an undeniable talent and love for the art form. 

Listen to “Desperate Electric” here and keep scrolling for more with Dash! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Dash! Can you tell us a bit more about yourselves?

Thank you! DASH was created in February 2018 as a four piece rock 'n roll band. It was and has always been a channel for Ben and I (Kayti) to write music together. We both came out of other projects and wanted the freedom to write and perform our own music. The goal with DASH from the get go was to get out on the road and tour and create as much music as possible. Our very first album that we released has the original rock band sound that we started with. In January we first made the transition to an electronic based sound, following up our winter tour with our EP ‘Desperate Electric’. In June we made the transition from 3 and 4 piece rock band to the electro soul duo that we now tour as.

What’s the writing process like for your duo?

It varies! We both write songs and I think we approach each one differently. Sometimes Ben has a melody in mind, or some lyrics, or a guitar riff and we go from there. Other times I’ll have lyrics and a melody and we work it that way. Sometimes we’ll make a beat and write over it, based on that aspect. I think it’s one of the ways we continue to write fresh material, us both working collaboratively and bringing ideas to the table every time, with no expectation of “this is the way we have to write a song”.

Who are your biggest inspirations musically? What makes you both so passionate about music?

We both have always listened and connected with a wide variety of music. Neither one of us has ever been very genre specific. 

Kayti- I’ve always loved pop music, but growing up in Montana I listened to a lot of classic rock and classic country. I just love a good song and believe you can find that anywhere. My personal background in music is mostly classical. When I was 12 I got really into classical and choral music, studying that through high school and college. It’s just something I’ve always done; sing, and perform.

Ben- From a really young age I was incredibly fascinated with music. I started playing piano at 7 and guitar at 9. I was in my first band when I was 11. I’ve always taken a lot of influence from classic bands like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. They’re still some of my biggest influences today, but like Kayti said, we both listen to everything under the sun, and go through phases of listening to different genres and letting them influence our songwriting, from heavy metal to jazz to hip hop.

“Desperate Electric” is an awesome track! Can you tell the readers more about the meaning behind it?

I (Ben) actually wrote Desperate Electric several years ago. It’s a song about infatuation and fascination, kind of the act of putting someone or something on a pedestal. Being blinded by your infatuation for someone, regardless of their flaws. When I brought the song to Kayti she (surprisingly) didn’t want to change anything about it. I love how it turned out.  

What's next for you going through the end of 2019?

We’re headed back out on the road from September 18th to November 23rd. We’ll be touring from Montana to the east coast, then back to the Pacific Northwest. After that, we’re headed into the studio to record our second album! 


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