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Get a Taste of “The Whiskey” From TuskHead’s Rocking Single

Hailing from Asperen, Netherlands, Folk-Rock artist TuskHead is out with his leading single “The Whiskey” off his debut EP 'Hello, Goodbye.' Also known as Patrick van Zandwijk, beginning his venture into the music industry by being apart of a two-man band up to 2013, then releasing a full-length album in 2018 as a member of Sandwick. TuskHead’s hit “The Whiskey” off his debut EP serves an upbeat blend of country, folk, and rock, all while spicing it up with his own unique and dynamic approach. From skillful electric guitar riffs to his deep and polished vocals, “The Whiskey” gets our spirits high and ready to party.

The single starts off with riveting electric guitars and ground stomping drum patterns. All in the intro of the song, the instrumental melodies take a turn into an even more textured and catchy feel. TuskHead’s fun-loving vocals are at the forefront, showcasing the songs playful theme with his radiant energy. The rocking instrumentals on “The Whiskey” perfectly support the tracks Friday night feel, letting you forget this week’s stress and relax. Aside from TuskHead’s dynamic vocal abilities, the track keeps you listening with it’s piercing electric guitar solo’s thoroughly enhancing the songs thrilling atmosphere. It’s without a doubt that TuskHead is an artist to keep your eye on.

Listen to The Whiskeyhere.

Hey TuskHead, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving the feel-good energy off your latest single “The Whiskey”. What were TuskHead’s original intentions for how you wanted the song to sound for its listeners?

I wanted to create a fun upbeat song with a catchy and positive vibe. My songs are usually more acoustic and focused on the lyrics and the overall ambiance. The Whiskey is more guitar-driven and the guitar goes hand in hand with the lyrics and vocal melody. This one was heavily inspired by some of the southern rock bands I'm currently listening to. 

Not only do the lyrics on “The Whiskey” serve a fun message, but the track's instrumentals perfect support it! Could you share what TuskHead’s creative process was like when crafting the instrumentals to speak the same message as the lyrics?

The song just kind of happened. The only lyric I had in mind when I started out with the song was 'The whiskey, baby, helps me sleep at night'. I really wanted to write a song about Whiskey, haha. Usually, I pick up an acoustic guitar when writing, but for this one, I picked up my Otentic Firebird, cranked up the overdrive and the rest of the writing just 'happened' automatically. The fun rhythm also made it really easy to figure out a fitting guitar solo.

You've mentioned that you’ve been in a variety of groups from past to present. Could you expand on what makes your work as TuskHead different from all the other bands you’ve been apart of?

I'm really driven to write new music. In a couple of my past projects, I was usually the one trying to get everyone in the same room to write music. When most people aren't as motivated as you it gets tiring. TuskHead is the new name I chose for my solo project (I made music the past two years under the name Sandwick). Writing music solo is really fun because you're in charge of everything yourself. The songs usually turn out exactly as you envision them. But it can get a little 'lonely' and result in tunnel vision. When you're struggling creatively or when you write something 'out of the box' it's fun to bring other people in to collaborate with. 

I've got two other bands I'm currently active with, The Attic Getaway, with Jeroen Hardeman, a fantastic singer and guitarist and Woodwick, with Ronald Woudenberg, a fantastic pianist and bass player. For my solo song 'Alright' I asked Ronald from our band Woodwick to play the piano to give the song more feeling and support the message of the song. That's just an awesome thing, the ability to collaborate with friends and create something unique whether it's in a band or for my solo project.

TuskHead’s music serves a unique mix of country, folk, and rock. Who are some major musical influences for you, and how have they impacted your music thus far?

My influences have quite changed over the years as has my music taste, haha. First I really listened to heavy music a lot and I'm noticing that in the past years it has really shifted to folk, country, and rock. My current heavy rotation playlist consists of some great bands and artists like Whiskey Myers, Sean Rowe, Darius Rucker, and The Cadillac Three. Whiskey Myers and The Cadillac Three really inspire my more guitar-driven work, a little bit of rock with a southern/country vibe. Sean Rowe and Darius Rucker really inspire my overall songwriting. I'm especially feeling inspired by Sean Rowe at the moment, that man's got a baritone voice and folk sound that's just out of this world! 

What can we expect from you throughout 2020?

I've just released my first EP as TuskHead called 'Hello, Goodbye' this week. I guess that's just the start! I really want to do a country/folk acoustic album, so I'm guessing that's going to be the next step. Also working with The Attic Getaway on our first EP and I'm planning on busking with my band Woodwick when the corona crisis settles down and it's safe and okay to travel again.



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