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Get A Taste Of What’s Real In Koh Pharaoh’s Lastest “Animal”

Describing the trials and tribulations that a human goes through in prison, Koh Pharaoh knows first hand what that’s like and strives to create music that gives the listener a retrospective look at his thoughts and feelings on heavy subject. Spending 3 years in prison himself, Koh Pharaoh knows the truth about life inside.

Koh Pharaoh’s incredibly inspiring track titled “Animal” is a call for action to how inmates in prison are treated. Using his past to guide his future, Koh Pharaoh spreads awareness and knowledge of his struggles. Fused with an old school hip-hop beat, Koh Pharaoh spits bars about real life and experiences that many of us could never imagine. “Animal” highlights the psychological issues that inmates face. Prolific rhyme slinger Koh Pharaoh has an ear for excellence and knows how to write lyrics that let his fans connect with him on a more personal level. It’s connections like this that lead to undeniable success and Koh Pharaoh is well on his way there. I highly recommend you check out “Animal” as soon as possible and stay on the lookout for this up and coming artist! Don’t forget his name, Koh Pharaoh.

Listen to “Animal” here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Koh Pharaoh!

Hi Koh Pharaoh! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers and fans?

Peace and blessings to everyone! I go by the name of Koh Pharaoh its a mix of two entirely different aspects of myself yet still me. Koh is a nickname given to me by my father. Short of my real name Kohen. Pharaoh is what I'm called by my peers, a nickname I acquired when I was 16 or 17 due to how I carried myself and my mentality.

Tell us more about your track “Animal” and the meaning behind your intricate lyrics?

Animal is a song based on how I felt while I was in prison for 3 years. Due to how you're treated and what it does to your mind after being in there for so long. Yet it is also a conscious perspective for me of how the world or this particular society operates. The lyrics of this song are meant to put you in both perspectives and just vibe off the energy of the two parallel perspectives. My aim was to put the listener in the mentality of a Conscious Felon so to say lol I guess. Just being aware of the challenges we face.

Who are your biggest music influences? Why?

So music itself..I'd have to give that to both Bob Marley and Michael Jackson. I Feel like the impression they left behind was so powerful and positive that I wanted to do the same. I've grown up always being told I have kingly attributes or spirit. However, rapping.. Lil Wayne was the one that definitely did it for me. Bro was like rap god to me growing up lol so I wanted that in my own way. I feel like that's a lot of 90's babies influence though lol. 

What age did you start writing music? When did you decide to pursue it?

I've always freestyled to myself since I was like 5 or 6. My cousins and I all used to sit around the dinner table and kind of just all rap some silly stories from time to time lol. I didn't actually start taking it serious however until I was about 18 for sure. I was a senior in high school I had a notebook I used to write in. I mean of course everyone thinks they're good. But I knew I needed work at the time a lot of the stuff I wrote was trash lol or like super basic type shit. I was freestyling with some homies after school one day and from there I knew what I wanted to do. I never put any music out during that time period. I know I should have despite my confidence level at the time. I had some nice songs I guess. But I got locked up a couple months after I graduated and didn't put any music out until I got out of prison. 

What’s next for you Koh Pharaoh?

I have a mixtape I'm working on at the moment, and another project I'm working on with my Cousin. I plan on keep spreading love and getting my name out there to more listeners at the moment. Working with a couple of dope producers to get the right sound and image I want to paint in peoples mind as they listen to my music. Still soaking up as much game as possible about the music industry as well so I can know how to maneuver through it and build myself/career. That's it as of now anyway. Much Love!


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