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Get A Thrill From The Low Flying Panic Attack's, "Demons Grow (Live 20112021)"

Live from the Black Cactus Studio in Madrid, Spain, is electronic, psychedelic, alt-rock duo The Low Flying Panic Attack with their recent hit, "Demons Grow (Live 20112021)."

Comprised of Marta Brandariz and Javier Martín Balsa, The Low Flying Panic Attack merges the vast sounds of electronica, psychedelia, rock, and lo-fi atmospheres to produce their authentic and versatile creations. Their debut album 'You Know Nothing About War' saw vast critical acclaim thanks to tracks like "Demons Grow" and the cover of Labrinth's hit, "Still Don't Know My Name."

Taking the album for a spin in Madrid's Black Cactus Studio, The Low Flying Panic Attack released a stunning live version of the record, including "Demons Grow (Live 20112021)." Conceptual live performances have become a staple for TLFPA, and this heavy-hitting track featuring a chilling vocal line and powerful production is genuinely mesmerizing.

Expanding on the version, "Demons Grow (Live 20112021)," the experience kicks off with Brandariz's smooth and warm vocal stylings that sing a melancholy message of a relationship falling to pieces. As we approach the pre-hook, a chilling array of background vocals creep in alongside a distant electric guitar and synths that transform the atmosphere into this powerful and mighty space.

Before we know it, TLFPT turns up the electronic bass and spins the song into a chilling and hellish soundscape with that same growling bass commanding our attention. All while this is happening, Brandariz's stunning yet haunting vocal portrayal leaves us in a trance and pushes us towards the song's end alongside the scorching hot sonics.

We truly didn't know we needed such a powerful and gripping experience like The Low Flying Panic Attack's recent hit, "Demons Grow (Live 20112021)." Feel the power for yourself and find the track on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The LowFlyingPanicAttack. We love the dynamic and gripping experience within your recent release, "Demons Grow (Live 20112021)." What inspired the song's concept the first time around?

Demons grow talks about internal demons perceived as a sign that something is wrong with those who feel them. These demons grow within us, they attack us on many occasions and if we use them well they can help us open our eyes in certain situations. In the end, those demons are nothing more than the things that others project on us. They are their demons, but we make them ours.

Did you have any artistic influences or projects in mind when creating such a dense and conceptual song like "Demons Grow"?

The song was composed in a really simple way with just a piano and a voice, but when our producer, Ed is Dead, listened to the song he wanted to give a stronger feeling to the second chorus and add hard bass under the drumbeat. It sounded very exciting to us and it was unlike anything we've heard so far, that's when we thought we had something unique. We have many influences but we don’t want these influences to take our attention too much, we want to create something else.

Why did your duo want to record a live version of your album 'You Know Nothing About War?' How does the live version differ from the studio version?

Our live shows are a mixture of electronic music and a powerful visual with synchronized lights, this creates an environment to take the public to the next level, all the songs follow one another uninterruptedly and we also create interludes that are not on the album. On the other hand, the vocal performances are different and much more organic

What was it like recording "Demons Grow (Live 20112021)" live? Since the song has so many different and dynamic layers, was this a complex process?

For us, live shows are as important as the album itself, taking an album with so much production live is somewhat difficult and also a challenge, but it is a process that we enjoy a lot. The result is incredible, especially if you can enjoy it together with the staging, and Marta's voice sounds incredible live. Soon we will release a documentary explaining how we create our shows, it will be a 45-minute piece where we comment on the most technical aspects of our sound and lighting design.

What's next for you?

We are composing new songs now that we hope to release as an EP although we always go step by step and always try to create something new, something that we have not done, and challenge ourselves to always go one step further. At the moment we are enjoying the fruits that this live album is leaving us.


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