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Get "All The Way Live," With Chris Baynes

Chris Baynes is known for his talents as an eclectic rapper/singer-songwriter from Broward County, FL. He began taking his pastime seriously in high school where he was inspired by the likes of Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Childish Gambino.

With his pen to the paper and a passion for letting the world hear his musical talents, Chris Baynes has us hanging onto the edge of our seats with “All The Way Live.”

The intriguing foundation is focused on a realm that is both vibrant and dark with how it’s portrayed. Incorporating jungle sounds that widen the sonic integrity of the instrumentation, the central positioning of the percussion hits have us feeling like this piece fills out the speakers in a major way. Chris Baynes tackles his lyricism with poise in his vocalization, and certainty in the tone he emanates.

Through textured layers that sway us in between the impeccably timed verses, and the mesmerizing nature of the chorus, it’s easy to get lost in “All The Way Live,” as you attach yourself to the rhythmic voyage present. What we love the most about this masterpiece has to be the fact that Chris Baynes sounds like he was meant to be on this record.

It’s unique to his styling and has an imprint of his artistry all over it. If you want to turn up the volume and get carried off in an atmosphere fueled by glowing energy, we know that “All The Way Live,” is the track you need on repeat.

Hello Chris Baynes and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the way that “All The Way Live,” embodies such an organic feel while remaining completely polished. What was it like working with Dr. Scoops in order to fulfill your vision?

Really dope and natural really proud of how that record came out and we def have more coming out together in the real near future!

Could you please take us into the meaning of this record? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from it?

All The Way Live is a popular saying from an old song that got really popular from an old party song that I used to hear all the time when I first moved down to South Florida so I kinda just wanted to bring that same type of feel and energy and update it as my own interpretation

Initially being inspired by artists like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Childish Gambino, do you find that at this point in your career your influences remain the same, or have they expanded?

Yes, for sure but def has expanded as well because I feel as an artist one of the most important things is to keep your ear current and be aware of the musical climate you're in so that it can be applied in your records. Some newer artists I def bump heavy would be Future, Fiveo Foreign, Morray, Amine, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, NBA Youngboy, DaBaby just to name a few and I feel I'm def hella inspired and try to incorporate a lot of the elements I see make them successful as well.

What has been the proudest moment of your artistic journey this far?

Really enjoy the most amount of people ever in my career consistently enjoying and listening to my music on a daily basis and even taking time to comment telling me how much or find me on social media just to do so.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and your music?

I would like all fans to know that it is ever-evolving and growing as I am myself but no matter what at the end of the day it will always be authentic and always be me cus I refuse to cap in my raps.


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