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Get Caught Up in D Kirk KV’s Album Preview with “Put It Down Right"

D Kirk KV is a Philadelphia based Hip-Hop artist who has the style of a west coast style lyricist that comes from his heart. Drawing in influences from icons while growing up that include Chris Brown, Big Sean, J Cole, and Sean Paul, and then his cultural influences from the Caribbean, D Kirk KV creates a unique fusion of sounds that is personalized to him. Recently, alongside the silky smooth singer Sunnie, D Kirk KV is giving a glimpse of what his upcoming debut album ‘Oceans’ is looking like through the release of his single “Put It Down Right” and we can’t get enough of what’s going on in this one. “Put It Down Right” is an incredibly cool and refreshing record to listen to, it has a unique combination of hip-hop and R&B that sends us into an everlasting bliss that is full of raw emotions and honesty.

It tells us the story of putting your emotions first and being explicit with your partner, and this is something that we feel many individuals will be able to relate to.

“Put It Down Right” features a chill hip-hop beat that brings in flairs of classic 808 sounds, a bouncy mellow synth pad that gives us the nostalgic RnB feels, and then a dynamic vocal duet-like performance between D Kirk KV and Sunnie that feels like the cherry on top. Since listening to this one we can’t wait to hear what D Kirk KV’s upcoming ‘Oceans’ album is like.

What Welcome to BuzzMusic D Kirk KV! We are loving your latest release “Put It Down Right”! How do you find yourself personally relating to the lyrics? Is there an underlining story being told?

This song is definitely related to just in life when you're trying to get a female's attention or and you trying to show them your worth their time physically and mentally. Put It Down Right is pretty much saying I can make you feel better than any other person. The story in the video is pretty much you meeting up with the opposite sex and showing them a good time whether sexually or mentally making them feel better then they have ever felt after texting or talking about hanging out. I definitely have been in a situation with love life and just having a good genuine time with a female or the opposite which all of us can relate.

The vocal performance between you and Sunnie is simply awe-inspiring to listen to, what was it like to collaborate together? Did Sunnie help out with any of the writing? 

The collaboration was awesome and Sunnie and I have great chemistry mostly because prior to recording we go to know our musical likes and just become friends musically and in real life so that bond in chemistry was displayed on the record. I loved our interaction and describing how the song process was going. Sunnie is extremely talented and this was our first time collabing which I can say was professional and just a fun time she's like family to me after this amazing record we did it's like a Big Sean Jhene Type record Id say, We both had our writing structure and Sunnie came up with the hook flawlessly and I told her whether I liked or not and honestly the first hook she sent was amazing so I then wrote my verse in literally a day and opened the intro and verse and Sunnie loved my vocals and verse and the rest is history. Definitely hope to collab again in the near future.

We heard that some of your influences are icons such as Chris Brown, Chris Brown, Big Sean, and Sean Paul, what about these artists makes them influence for you?

I'd say each artist has there various impact on me Chris being his just a beast in all genres so talented and literally grew up on his music from 16 to now has shown me to never stop and to work hard at your craft and take risks he's a true artist and person which I try to put in my music from genres of hip hop RnB dancehall and shades of pop just be versatile, Big sean more so off in my flows of rapping being laid back but dope with metaphors something I like about sean he's laid back but cool and vocal enough so his verse hit you in a down to earth laid back guy so him inspiring me is a no brainer, and Sean comes from island roots and just love of dancehall music he's always made music that made me feel good to want to dance and just enjoy life which you'll see a lot on my album Oceans.

With your upcoming album ‘Oceans’ due to come soon, how does the music on it relate to “Put It Down Right”? How do you feel you have grown since both releases?

Oceans album is a big body of work since it took 2-3 years to make just being my debut studio album and put it down right was one my earlier singles which relates perfectly because my album is about love, being confident in yourself, heartbreak, growth, good vibes, having fun, and just a change of energy OCean is a current and change of vibes perfect title to me because that's what I wanted an album that was versatile yet hitting different sounds and relatable topics to people. I've grown since both of these releases with being more confident in my art and not being afraid to take risks musically and in life also just knowing with hard work and loving what you do and never giving up on a vision you can create anything.

  What else can we expect for 2020?  

In 2020 I plan on dropping my deluxe album to "Oceans" titled "Waves" which will be additional songs left off Oceans and new records that I'm working with to give fans friends and followers of my music more content should range from 10-12 records total also more music videos and just content as a whole.

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