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Get Caught up In Haliday's Latest Hit "Near the Pines"

Lost in the woods? Or maybe longing to be? Check out Halidays debut release, "Near the Pines", as it's sure to transport you out into the wilderness.

he warm and rich guitar sound invites you into the track, and once the vocals emerge they blend in perfectly with the acoustic arrangement of the song. Calm and minimal production of this track allows space for the listener to absorb the genuine and heartfelt lyrics. While listening to this song, just close your eyes and let it transport you into a tranquil state. 

Jonesboro, Arkansas’s very own John Davis, and Hunter Passmore have come together to form the progressive folk band, Haliday.

This duo’s biggest influences include Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Matt Maeson, and Kings of Leon. Haliday is set to release their debut EP in the fall of 2020, on all music streaming platforms. Currently, "Near the Pines" is exclusively available on SoundCloud, with a music video soon to follow.

Listen to "Near the Pines" here.

We are in love with your new release "Near the Pines". Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the track? 

So the inspiration for Near the Pines or any song off our upcoming EP comes from a camping trip we took together. The entire EP tells a story from beginning to end. Near the Pines is the song we released first because it marks the beginning of the story. The song is about leaving home to try and find yourself.

We are very interested to know more about the beginning of this partnership. Can you tell us how you two met? When did you decide to join forces and create Haliday? 

We actually went to high school together and both of us played guitar, but forming a band and making our own music was never something that we thought to pursue. We were both just kids. John (I) went on to Arkansas State University (where he still attends)  to pursue a career in teaching. Hunter Passmore was known locally as a hip-hop producer.  We linked up at the beginning of 2020 with the idea of forming a duo called Haliday and making music that resonated with us. 

Can you tell us more about your creative process as a duo? What has the process been like working together, especially for "Near the Pines" release?

The creative process for us involves eliminating ourselves from society in a sense and focusing on the nature that is around us. That may sound corny to some but it is what it is. With everything going on in the world we feel that it is important to not get so caught up in the daily news cycle that has started to consume our generation.  We just want to make good music that everyone can enjoy.  The process of working together on this EP and Near the Pines, in particular, was absolutely amazing.  We really enjoyed the process and can't wait to share the entire EP with everyone.  

What are some of your goals as a duo? What are you hoping listeners take away from your music?

What are our goals as a duo? That is a good question. Everyone wants to be successful so I guess that is the ultimate goal but at the same time, we really don't want to get caught up in all that.  We just want to make good music that people can enjoy and vibe to.  

What's next for Haliday?

Next for Haliday is the Near the Pines music video that we are hoping to drop toward the end of August.  The self-titled EP we are hoping to have released in the fall of 2020, so ya'll make sure to follow us on Instagram, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and go hit that like button on our Facebook page to keep up with the latest of what all we got going on. Oh, and don't forget to check out our song Near the Pines, which is exclusively on SoundCloud right now! Peace.  



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