Get Caught Up in the Impact of This, "Warzone"

Newly reinvented Dancehall Reggae Dub Duo, The Chinese Connection Dub Embassy, is comprised of David and Joseph Higgins. Creating a new and innovative sound that wavers on the lines of familiarity, they hone in on Memphis Reggae.

Providing listeners with a buoyant product that hails from their latest album, ‘Crew Vibez,’ The Chinese Connection Dub Embassy introduces “Warzone.” Enlisting the talents of SVmDvde and Hannya Cha0$ in order to give this energetic contribution the ultimate soundscape it deserves, we hear a compilation of elements that take inspiration from various genres to grace us with an in your face banger sure to have you turning the volume levels all the way up.

Heavily conveying the essence of a Dubstep tempo, The Chinese Connection Dub Embassy can be heard playing into their knack for piecing together a unique sound that immerses you in a conscious offering of a mind-altering reality. With a resonated bassline, mechanical drum patterns, and weighty synth layers, this instrumentation acts as a solidified canvas for the impactful rap vocals to rest upon.

Openly reiterating the significance behind the Black Lives Matter protests that took place in 2020, The Chinese Connection Dub Embassy allows the importance of this message to ring out in a timeless manner. Jumping out of the speakers and catching your attention the moment they touch down, you’re invested in the “Warzone,” narrative that speaks for itself through the urgency relayed in the tone of the performance.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Chinese Connection Dub Embassy. The theme that is laced into “Warzone,” brings forth a true sense of urgency and a call to action for listeners across the globe. What inspired you to take this artistic route when bringing the concept to life?

The song Warzone was made right after the George Floyd situation and we (Higgins brothers) come from a Punk rock, hip hop, and roots reggae background and wanted to address the fact there will always be injustices in the world and we have to acknowledge it. Our goal is to normalize balance in media because it has all too common to see so much injustice that people might become numb to it all and even give up before reaching their personal finish line.

Could you please share a glimpse into what it was like creating and recording this particular song off of ‘Crew Vibez?' How did it vary from the rest of the project?

Work with Hannya and Svmdvde was great because in the other project David plays guitar called Negro Terror those guys always get up and bring very heavy rap lyrics that are intense and thought-provoking. We wrote the song in the middle of a protest we performed at and when we got done everyone was very emotional and we wanted to use our voice in a way to show that we see what's going on and it's time to let our voice be heard.

What was it like teaming up with SVmDvde and Hannya Cha0$ on “Warzone?" How did this collaboration come to be?

What we want to be to expect from the album is we are reintroducing the CCDE in a way we wanted before Omar's passing be just keep his essence in everything we do we can showcase who we are and our interpretation of the sound of CCDE going forward. You will hear lovers of rock, reggae, dance hall, Memphis Buck, Soul, and really just an amazing sonic masterpiece of Memphis music that has influences from all over the world.

What should listeners know before diving into the full album of ‘Crew Vibez?'

They are gonna go on a sonic journey of reggae music seen through the eyes of Memphis youth and young adults' perspective of social injustice, relationships, appreciation, and good vibes.

What's next for you?

Next, we will be pushing this record and we have remixes coming, videos, and an extended edition with new music. We also wanna get back to performing because that's what we do this for, to fellowship with people and get loose, have fun and appreciate life through our gifts.