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Get "Different" With Evan Croft and His Flourishing Sound

Evan Croft is a Canadian-born entertainer, who is all about setting the bar higher and seizing many creative possibilities.

He doesn’t go by the usual limitations, and instead of creating barriers for himself, he follows amazing opportunities. Stylistically, his sound blurs the lines between Hip-hop, Electronic, Pop, and R&B, going for a catchy and one-of-a-kind tone.

Bringing his debut album to life through carefully crafted soundscapes, Evan Croft has his audience swimming through 16 tracks that explore various themes. “Different” was launched through his independent label Croft Media Productions. With multiple hands in the pot of the production spectrum, listeners can hear the styling of Digital Beatz, CeasarBeats, Jaywan, OGE Beats, and Pink Fader among other producers. Enlisting the skill set of three guest collaborators, including Lexxicon, Multiszn, and Trilla Ace, the ultimate vision of 'Different' is cast into the world for all to hear and relate to.

What we love the most about “Different,” is the fact that Evan Croft can bring us a wide range of sounds and messages that strikingly delve into his perspective as an artist. We kick off the album with an upbeat vibration that motions us into the tropical, dance ambiance radiated by Evan Croft as a soothing vocal performance and unceasingly contagious energy sweeps us into the desired oblivion. This reflects the manner that Evan Croft carries out the final, bonus track of this album, “Style.” Where we hear the vivacious themes play into a more Latin-infused environment with the lush Spanish guitar riffs cascading through the unforgettable soundscape.

There are various reminders throughout the messaging of this album in general that allows us to tap in with Evan Croft in a way that conveys his profound authenticity as an individual, and his versatility as an artist. The title track “Different (Be Yourself),” brings out themes of loving who you are no matter how different you seem to be; an important topic to cover in today’s day and age where people everywhere can get caught up in comparisons. Accompanying the scale of imaginative themes that emotionally connect with listeners through thought-provoking messaging, we have “Strong,” “By Your Side,” and “Best For Me,” chiming in with intimate narratives circling around finding strength, your inner support circle, and the goals and aspirations that you seek out for yourself.

Inclusivity tends to be a running theme throughout the infectious grooves and originality redefined on these 16 tracks. “Party Animals,” immediately caresses us into unleashing our extroverted sides in any setting. We feel the confidence rage from Evan Croft as his sultry vocal conveyance is clear and direct with the intentions gleaming from the melodies performed. Similar to the buoyant atmosphere in “Jam,” which features Dancehall’s very own Lexxicon flexing his quick-witted charisma that pours from the second verse as he accompanies Evan Croft through the bolstered party anthem.

Indulging in the distorted pulsation of “Slow Dance,” the track signifies exactly what’s about to happen in the soundscape propelled through the speakers. Still carrying the effervescent tones of certified hit, the easygoing tempo allows us to collect our thoughts and potentially grab that special someone for more intimate dance, or moment together. We find that the following songs on the tracklist, “Rock With Me,” and “Cloud Nine,” perfectly fall in line as the transition doesn’t proceed to be inorganic. Impeccably flowing in a way that allows you to capture the moments within reach, this song’s elaborate tale of “Rock With Me,” hones in on a boy meets girl scenario, while “Cloud Nine,” touches on the uplifting tenors of feeling liberated with the person you love.

Dipping into the vulnerable side of a more life reflecting lens that Evan Croft extends, both “Shadow,” and “A Ride Called Life,” go through the intimate realizations that he has when delving into a nostalgic state. Through his recollections, and a set of dark, prevailing instrumentations that vary in slow to vibrant tempos, we hear firsthand what it’s like walking in the shoes of Evan Croft, through moments in life where he felt invisible. Looking to relate to his audience in a way that has the understanding that they aren’t alone, we find that the words released through these masterpieces leave a long-lasting imprint on your mind.

One of our personal favorites has to be the sixth single released prior to the album. “Get To Know Me,” indulges us in a prominent dreamscape that is vivid in nature. Evan Croft allows his passion and vigor to alluringly surge through your sound system as he is genuine with the lyrics conveyed. He truly thrives in this soundscape, and gives us an array of illuminating hues like the glowing sounds in “Get To Know Me.”

The second song on the album to have featured performances is the lively and unapologetic aura of “Bad Side.” Recruiting Multiszn and Trilla Ace in order to live out the amplified resonance of this track, we dive into a more Hip-hop oriented fusion, as these two artists sprinkle their own flair over Evan Croft’s undeniable croons. Warning those not to take advantage of the nice guy within, Evan Croft shows just how edgy he can be as he flaunts his attitude proudly.

That takes us to a polar opposite styling, where a dash of joyous harmonies is sprinkled to the newfound glory of “Together.” A prime example of one of those songs that immediately sparks warmth in the emotions transmitted. The inspiring ballad trickles through your mind with ease as you’re lured in by the piano chords and guitar melody that stir up what you’re holding within.

Proving that Evan Croft can truly tackle mass ground in the versatile offerings of sounds heard on 'Different,' we mean it when we say that there’s something for everyone on this album. As he continues to work diligently on the way he portrays beautiful imagery, we’ll take in the body of work known as 'Different,' another time.

Hello Evan Croft and welcome to BuzzMusic. The entire album of, ‘Different,’ was very well executed! We love the avenues that you navigate us throughout as you get personal and fun. Where did the concept of this album stem from?

I feel like a debut album should introduce who I am, so I wanted to show all sides of me in this album.

Out of the 16 songs heard through this body of work, is there anyone in particular that resonates with you more than the others? What’s your reasoning?

For me, it’s A Ride Called Life. I felt like I finally got a good grasp on how life works, so this is me describing my ‘ride’.

How has your mindset from the time of writing and recording changed to this very moment? Have you noticed a shift in yourself as an artist or individual apart from the music?

Before, I used to write lyrics off the top of my head, find a beat, record on the beat and release it without reviewing or getting it radio-ready. Now when I write lyrics, I take my time to make it sound right before I record. Then I send it to get mixed & mastered before I start planning a release date.

With so many sounds on this project, there is something for everyone to enjoy! What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the entire theme of ‘Different?’

I hope they see that I’m not afraid to be myself and they shouldn’t be as well.

What has been the best piece of advice that you’ve taken with you in your musical career thus far?

Be yourself. Don’t worry about trying to sound like or complete with someone else.


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