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Get Down to partyONE's Infectious Rhythm in Single "Blessed"

Straight out of Bakersfield, CA comes vivid Hip/Hop artist partyONE. As a music producer, recording and visual artist, partyONE seeks to establish an influential sound. His music captures the liveliness of Hip/Hop, and reels in many other emotionally-compelling sounds via the chosen production. With partyONE, you can expect a polished sound with a few natural and authentic impurities. Only recently debuting as an artist in 2019, partyONE has already conjured up a devote listening base, and his recent track "Blessed" might have you finding yourself joining.

"Blessed" contains that stimulatingly rapid beat that can easily hype up any listener. partyONE takes the opportunity to reveal his suave wordplay and infectious flow with "Blessed". The track follows the thoughts of partyONE, notably focusing on the appreciation he has for life, regardless of any hardships. It may be easy to find yourself getting lost within the rhythm of "Blessed", as it's catchy and fun! But don't let the overall tempo of the track fool you into thinking it's a track for pure entertainment. partyONE is relaying an important message through "Blessed", one where listeners are reminded to be thankful for what they have, even in times of pressure. Production-wise, "Blessed" clearly exhibited the eclectic music preference of partyONE, as we didn't just get those prominent rap/hip-hop stylings embedded into the track. "Blessed" showcased a wide range of interesting and expressive sounds, and we found our attention even more focused on the track as a result of not knowing what we'd hear next. For future music, we hope that partyONE continues down the path of using expressive styles to elevate his sound.

Discover "Blessed" by partyONE here.

Hey there, partyONE! Great to have you here on BuzzMusic to chat about the release of "Blessed". What were you hoping to establish as an artist with this particular release?

Great to be back, thank you! In February I released my 1st EP called “The Color of Love” which mostly consisted of Latin inspired Pop vibes. With ‘Blessed’, I really wanted to show a more personal side lyrically while collaborating with one of my favorite up & coming producer/artists Krathel. What would you say stimulated you to create "Blessed"? With a clear theme behind the song, was the track intended to reveal your own personal thoughts and feelings, or was it more so constructed to relate to listeners?

In 2018 I lost consciousness while driving & crashed headfirst into a brick wall. I ended up with fractured vertebrae, broken ribs & about 13 stitches to my head! It was a big wake up call & an even bigger part of my story that I felt like was definitely something I needed to share in my music. I also released it on my birthday, March 20th! So overall, I wanted this to be a celebration of life. 

"Blessed" saw collaborative work between yourself and artist Krathel. How did you find the collaboration in this track, especially since you haven't collaborated with many artists in the past?

Krathel & I have actually been collaborating for about 6 or 7 months now actually. I was featured on a few songs from his project “The Drunk Tape” which dropped last November, as well as a single that dropped a few weeks ago. One of my favorite producers! He’s got another project coming up too. Let's talk about your own label and clothing brand. In the midst of debuting yourself as an artist, how did you find the process of balancing your music life with your responsibilities as a label head? 

With my music, it’s always been a slower process. I’ll make a beat, record some ideas to it & revisit it as many times as I need to until I feel it’s done. With the label, I’m really keen on just letting artists be artists. So we built our own studio where our artists can come in & we can work closely together on project ideas, video concepts, release strategies etc. which makes it a lot easier to tackle multiple projects at once. 

Right now we’re wrapping up a new project from Lanesborough, an Indie/Pop duo from Bakersfield, CA. along with a couple of other dope artists like AfterParty, Nate G & Krathel.  I’m also looking to release a debut album by the end of 2020!





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