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Get Down With Bobby Newberry & Fia Nyxx in “Escape”

Choreographer turned electro-pop icon Bobby Newberry returns with a scorcher of a dance record alongside the rousing stylings of Fia Nyxx for their new single, "Escape."

Bobby Newberry first earned his chops working as a choreographer for Eminem. From there, he worked with a string of talents like Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, The Pussycat Dolls, and more. Since releasing his first single in 2014, Newberry has been climbing the charts with exceptional releases like his latest, "Escape."

The new track is in collaboration with Fia Nyxx, who's known to create a brilliantly experimental clash of genres from rock to pop. The perfect pair also released a killer music video for the song, showcasing Newberry's intense choreography and attention-commanding performance stylings.

Newberry and Nyxx co-wrote and co-produced the single alongside their mutual friend Sam J. Garfield. Hitting play on this dynamic sweet escape, we're met with pulsating and bright synths alongside a plucky bassline that pumps up the party. Fia Nyxx struts her stuff in the first verse, melting our speakers with her sensual and sultry vocals alongside the airy and anticipation-heavy production.

As Newberry's soft vocals begin to pour in, we're smacked by the heavy kick drum that leads the beat drop with energy and stimulation. There's a gripping sexual undertone to this track that's bound to make you sweat, similar to the atmosphere of your favorite nightclub. Newberry's hot and heavy verse is exceptional; both artists bring something sonically delicious to the table, and we're here for it.

The entire experience within "Escape" isn't one to miss; it's one you'll want to keep around all summer long. Find Bobby Newberry and Fia Nyxx's new single on all digital streaming platforms, and check out the music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bobby Newberry. We loved every second of your thrilling new single with Fia Nyxx, "Escape." What inspired this club-worthy banger of a single?

Yayyyyy thank you so much!!!! We wanted a dance record that had a disco feel but was like a euro studio 54 but dirty and now lol.

What was it like working alongside versatile recording artist Fia Nyxx for "Escape?" Would you say there's some creative chemistry between the two of you?

Our vibe was Instant with this one. We connected from the first second we started the writing/recording process. Definitely electric chemistry.

What was it like creating and executing the intense choreography for the "Escape" music video? How long was the video in the making?

Wowwww this was a difficult process lol. I injured my shoulder pretty bad and that made it a lot trickier. I had to modify a lot of the choreography and do the majority of it with my left arm. Not to mention it is some of the hardest choreography I’ve ever done.

How do you hope listeners react to "Escape?" How do you want the single to impact them?

I hope listeners have fun with it. I hope they dance in the shower, in the car, in their living room, or wherever they listen to it. I just want them to feel good and hot. What's next for you?

My next single “Blackout” off the EP comes out in July. Followed up by my EP in august. Sooooooo excited to finally be putting out a body of work.


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