Get Down with Marcelo Quinonez's Romantic Hit, "Phenomena"

The Canadian-American musician, singer-songwriter, and producer Marcelo Quinonez team up with Kathryn Sordahl and Palmer Lee for their latest vibrant collaboration, "Phenomena."

The multifaceted artist has made his way across our industry for various years now, having landed over eighty sync placements, creating several original feature score compositions while also winning multiple Best Original Score awards.

As his music blurs the lines of reggaeton, afrobeat, alt-rock, and alt-pop, Marcelo Quinonez is truly an artist to keep an eye on.

Highlighting his latest groovy single, "Phenomena," Marcelo Quinonez is accompanied by the vocal stylings of Palmer Lee, creating a dense and anthemic atmosphere for anyone to get down with. Marcelo Quinonez's instrumentation brings us into a blend of reggaeton and alt-pop, which leaves us lost in the groove from beginning to end.

Listening to the entirety of "Phenomena," our journey begins with muffled acoustic guitars and smashing drum breaks. As Marcelo Quinonez and Palmer Lee make their way in, their vocal duet is truly transcendent as they both complement each other's haunting and engaging delivery. Listening to the instrumentation, the atmosphere later expands with bright brass elements and mid-tempo percussion.

Not to mention the soft and melodic keys, Marcelo Quinonez and Palmer Lee continue their passionate venture alongside the groovy and dense instrumentals while leaving us tapping our feet the entire way through. We love the uplifting and romantic lyricism within this tune, as Marcelo Quinonez reminds us to seek the type of love that leaves one breathless.

Lose yourself in the heavy groove of Marcelo Quinonez's latest single, "Phenomena," and find the rest of his broad-ranging discography on all streaming platforms.

Hello Marcelo, and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. We love the passion and vibrance you delivered within your latest single, "Phenomena." Where did the inspiration for this song come about?

The inspiration for this song came from realizing while going through the pandemic and other challenging times with my wife and realizing that together we could get through anything and that was special and something to really be grateful for.

Could you expand on your collaboration with Kathryn Sordahl and Palmer Lee for "Phenomena?" Were both artists featured vocally, or did they help with the instrumentation/production as well?

Well, I co-wrote the original lyrics with my wife Kathryn Sordahl she is a co-writer on the song. We had most of the lyrics finished but we knew we wanted a female vocalist and we were introduced to Palmer Lee through a mutual friend. We knew she was also a seasoned songwriter so we asked if she could lend some of her writing talents as well as her voice to the track. She delivered some awesome vocal takes that really helped elevate the song.

What did you want your audience to feel after listening to "Phenomena?" What sort of instrumental atmosphere did you want to capture for this single?

When I reached out to Palmer one of the things I said to her as inspiration for the vocal was to “pretend your a badass witch casting some sort of spell to create the perfect partner”. So our idea was some kind of ethereal dream-like space that was created as a product of our love.

Since "Phenomena" is your first single of the year, what's been keeping you busy since your last release? How have you managed to stay inspired during these times?

For most of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, I was writing music for a TV show set to come out later this year. It’s a kids show and the producers also hired me to write and produce an album to go along with the show so I was working on that mostly. During that time I was working on this song and a few others that I had been trying to finish when I could find the time. Once I finished the show I finally had time to finish some tracks and start releasing music again. So this is one of a few tracks that I will be releasing this year.

What is one thing you'd like new listeners to know about your music?

I produce a variety of styles and genres and I really enjoy blending styles and bending genre rules to make music that sounds uniquely mine. I think if you follow me as an artist you will be surprised by the variety of music that I put out.