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Get Down With Nubiiian G and Her Latest Single, "NOW A DAZE"

Hailing from Carson, California, the singer-songwriter and rapper Nubiiian G releases her empowering and catchy single, "NOW A DAZE."

With a voice impossible to ignore, Nubiiian G offers a similar act and style to the 90s, especially through her heartfelt poetry and creative rhymes. Still experimental in sound, Nubiiian G is navigating her way through the industry with many goals in sight.

Through Nubiiian G's recent release, "NOW A DAZE," she offers this harmonic blend of r&b and hip-hop through the savory production/instrumentation and her versatile delivery. While rapping and singing a self-assured message that lingers in listeners' minds, Nubiiian G rides the groovy sonics with vast rhythm and poise.

Listening to "NOW A DAZE," the track opens with the grooviest production through snazzy r&b keys, a gripping bassline, and mid-tempo drum breaks. Once Nubiiian G enters the song, she soaks us in power through her confident bars and exhilarating performance. Nubiiian G truly offers us an incredibly versatile performance, as she blasts us with talent through her quick-witted bars and melodic vocals.

With deftly-produced sonics taking us back to a 90s nightclub, Nubiiian G delivers a scorching hot hook and keeps her audience engaged with each rhythmic and sultry element. Ending the song off with nothing but power and poise, it's clear that Nubiiian G is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Bust it down with Nubiiian G's fresh and lively single, "NOW A DAZE," and prepare yourself to hear much more of the singer-songwriter and rapper throughout 2021.

Hello Nubiiian G and welcome to BuzzMusic. We adore the rhythm and feel of your latest single, "NOW A DAZE." What inspired your lively and empowering bars?

Circumstances that I was trying to will myself thru at the time inspired this record. A lot of my records are written to uplift myself so at this point in my life, I started to realize who around me truly had my best interest at heart. So I needed to get certain individuals from around me and cut my losses. Walk away from certain relationships even if that meant starting over to build back up once again. Basically charging it all to the game. Now I'm strictly minding the business that pays me.

What sound and atmosphere were you going for within the production and instrumentals for "NOW A DAZE?" Did you work with any other creatives for this piece?

Im in love with 90s music so I know I needed an instrumental you could instantly feel a groove too. Not only that when you hear the track at least for me it takes you back to those summer cookouts or family functions. It was also a track I've heard my dad play many times over as a child. Just an overall nostalgic feel record with a bounce which makes the track irresistible. I feel like the track pulls you in as soon as you press play. The track was produced by biggshmezz out of paramount ca. Everything is written and performed by myself.

We've heard that you're rather experimental in sound and style. What or who has been keeping you inspired to stay so versatile?

I would say will power, hope, quality, strength, dedication, passion, creativity, black excellence, grind, and entrepreneurship. Experimenting has to lead me to become more versatile, just that curiosity alone has kept me hungry while learning from a wide variety of artists, genres, and sounds which keeps me wanting to experiment even more. It keeps everything I'm working on fresh and brand new. Versatility to me musically is limitless creation. Don't box yourself in! Also, the industry alone inspires me to be more versatile when it's ever-changing. There are so many different styles, varieties, and flavors. Something for everyone musically so that keeps me inspired to do some different shit.

What should listeners associate you and your brand with? What do you strive to represent within your music and platform?

That the tables do in fact turn. That despite whatever circumstances your currently dealing with that you must go through and not around, and also that you can will yourself through absolutely anything and get to where you are destined to be.

What's next for you?

What's next for me is I will be continuing to drop music on all platforms. My goal is to finally get the visuals out that I've been planning. Continuing to build my name, skills, and brand up to become a more solidified singer-songwriter, artist, and entrepreneur. Not only in Los Angeles but worldwide! I believe I'm more than capable.



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