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Get Down With Orava's Insightful and Dynamic Single "Now I Know"

Hailing from London, UK. The French multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer Orava release a warm single full of knowledge and awareness with, "Now I Know."

With inspiration from rock, French touch, and electronic music, Orava brings a sense of the old and new within each track and offers a roaring sense of individuality. Through his recent single "Now I Know," Orava allows the listener to dive deep into this unique blend of French touch, upbeat progressive house, and energetic alt-rock. Not to mention Orava's dynamic vocals that push a realistic and sound message of wasting time and putting oneself through tedious cycles.

As "Now I Know" opens as sweet as honey with Orava's soft and melodic vocals putting the listener in a trance, he's backed up by the spacious pads and vast electronic soundscapes. Quickly moving into a blend of French touch and alt-rock with a fast-paced beat and vibrant electric guitar, Orava brings incredible authenticity with this track as it's truly something we've never heard before. Rich in passion and truth, around the bridge, we're met with an exhilarating electronic breakdown leading into Orava's crunchy filtered vocals to end the track off with power. While the outro is a soulful acoustic, Orava genuinely brought a vast and dynamic piece with "Now I Know," and we're anticipating that many listeners will not only relate to his lyrics but fall for his boundless creativity.

Hello Orava and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. How did the creation of your single "Now I Know" come about? What inspired the lyrical message?

Musically speaking, my intention was to blend my past and present influences in one song. It starts with a strong electronic vibe that becomes way heavier towards the end, borrowing sonorities from modern-rock music. This single paints a good picture of what I’m trying to offer as a producer, a mix of traditional and modern music-making.    “Now I Know” aims to express the difficulty we have as individuals to change our vision on life. Many of us tend to focus on trouble and forget that everything is a matter of perspective.  I have struggled with this for a while and writing this song was therapeutic in the sense that it helped me moving forward as a person. 

You've mentioned that you're comfortable recording in professional studios as well as home studios. Keeping the world's circumstances in mind, was "Now I Know" recorded solely in a home studio? 

I was lucky enough to finish this song prior to the COVID crisis. It’s been a 50/50 recording-process between my flat and professional studios. In this case: the bass, acoustic drums, and vocals were all recorded in professional workspaces in London. (Abbey Road Studios and Soup Studios) The rest of the song came straight out of my own home studio. Balancing DIY production with professional recordings is a key part of my creative process. It is a good way to create authentic-sounding tracks with a high level of engineering. 

Your single "Now I Know" is incredibly dynamic, almost offering a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Why did you want to make the song so dynamic within the instrumentals, and what was your creative process like?

I always have big dynamic-changes in my songs. It is a way to emphasize what I’m trying to express in my lyrics. I like playing with it sometimes, with “Now I Know” for example. The two last choruses have the same lyrics, but a drastically different feel. It is all about modifying the instrumentation and the harmonic proposition of each part. Chord-progressions have the power to change the meaning of words, this is why I also tend to write the music first. 

We've heard that you're releasing a debut album this fall. Do you have any concepts for the upcoming album, and what should we expect from the project?

My debut album “Behind the wave” will be available on the 25th of October on all streaming platforms. It is a 10-songs album that I’ve been working on over the past two years. The main challenge was to regroup all my influences in one coherent project. Like a statement, it represents who I am, where I come from, and where I'm going musically. I have tried merging my rock n’ roll background with my love for electronic instruments and synthesizers. A blend of analog and digital taking its inspirations from bands like Phoenix, Depeche Mode, or The Strokes. I’ve just released the “Now I Know” music video on Youtube. There will also be another music video around the album release. 

What has been keeping you inspired this year?

My daily life kept me inspired, conversations, loneliness, and even boredom to an extent. I wrote this album about the common hopes, doubts, and fears of my generation, drawing mostly from my personal experiences.I’ll try writing from different points of view in the future, but this approach seemed very natural for a first project. 



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