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Get Down with Whapö's Dynamic Single, "luv war"

Grooving his way in from San Antonio, Texas, the versatile artist and singer-songwriter Whapö releases a heavy-hearted single with "luv war."

Surrounded by music from a young age, Whapö found inspiration through watching his father practice his guitar and playing in his Spanish rock band. Now, hooked to the feeling of writing and creating, Whapö strives to create atmospheric tunes that linger in the listener's mind.

Recently releasing his heartfelt and groovy single, "luv war," listeners can hear incredibly dynamic aspects through the song's funky production and Whapö's warm vocal delivery. While singing a saddened message, Whapö grooves alongside the refreshing production and expresses his everlasting passion for someone through thick and thin.

Deftly-produced by chibi, "luv war" opens with softly filtered guitar melodies and shimmering synths. Once the funky beat drops, the track begins to offer this upbeat and lively sonic atmosphere. Listening to Whapö's vocals, right off the bat, we're head over heels for his soothing and warm delivery, almost as if Frank Ocean and Kid Cudi had a brainchild.

While expanding on his relentless love and desire for someone special, Whapö also touches on their relationship's rocky times and not knowing where to go next. Chibi's stimulating production offers all the rhythm we need to groove alongside Whapö's charismatic and passionate delivery, vocalizing his hunger for love until the very end.

Lose yourself in the vibe of Whapö's latest single, "luv war," and get ready for the up-and-coming singer-songwriter to sweep you off your feet with each release.

We're completely infatuated with the power and refreshing feel of your recent single, "luv war." Where did the inspiration for this single come about?

Well for "luv war" I wanted to make a song that was different from other songs I wanted a beat that you could just dance to or bump your head to. So when I first heard the beat the chorus just came to me.

Do you usually work with producer chibi when finding beats for your singles? What drew you to his production stylings for your single "luv war?"

This was actually my first song with producer Chibi and it’s not the last! When I heard the first 40 seconds of this beat made me fall in love. I really like his beats and y’all should go check him out he has made some great beats! I will definitely like to work with his beats again.

Seeing as your lyricism within "luv war" is incredibly emotional, did you face any personal challenges when expressing your thoughts and feelings onto paper? Or was it more of a needed therapy session?

Writing this song I really wanted to put that story out there about how it is to fight for someone's love. I think almost everyone has felt this at one point in life love is tough sometimes and when you’re fighting for someone’s love it actually feels like you are going to war.

We've noticed that you're quite a versatile artist. How would you describe your sound and style to a new listener?

I am new to making music so I myself don’t know yet how to describe my music but I’d say if you like chill music or something you can bump your head too! I want to make music you can just feel like feel it in every part of your body.

What's next for you?

What’s next for me is that I’m working on an album right now and hopefully It’s going to come out soon! I’m also working on making a music video for "luv war!"



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