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Get Emotional With Mary Scholz And Her Relatable Single “Tired/Sad”

If you’re in the mood to hear a sedative and powerful song that will leave you wanting to explore new areas of music, “Tired/Sad” by Mary Scholz should be the next on your list.

Mary Scholz grew up with a consistent love of music, whether it be playing piano, flute, or guitar or listening to her favorite artists. As an artist who has now released seven studio albums since the start of her career, Mary Scholz aims to inspire and empower others by letting her music speak for itself. Her rich lyrics and vocals forge connections with her listeners, so when she performs, she needs nothing between her and her audience but a guitar.

“Tired/Sad” is the latest release from pop-folk artist Mary Scholz, full of transcendent melodies and compelling lyrics.

We are introduced to “Tired/Sad” with wistful piano alongside the smooth vocals presented by Mary Scholz. This gentle atmosphere established from the start sets the tone for the rest of the song. As a soft beat and flowing guitar are added, the focus stays on her echoing voice as the song progresses. As Mary Scholz’s vocals rush over you, attention is drawn to ethereal harmonies layered into the song.

The luscious piano/guitar ballad “Tired/Sad” depicts a copious image of feeling held back by something and fighting to break free. Mary Scholz takes you on a journey of self-discovery within her music while still leaving some messages open-ended for the listener to interpret as they wish.

Don’t miss the stimulating and serene new release “Tired/Sad” from Mary Scholz, available on all streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic, Mary Scholz, and congratulations on your latest single, "Tired/Sad." What was your intended takeaway from this song? What do you hope listeners find from your lyrics?

When I sat down at the piano to start this song, I felt very defeated - so deeply exhausted and sad, and I was over it. But, the more I kept writing, the more I realized that to judge myself against the successes of other folks is to hold myself back. It made me confront the shadow, the "monster under the bed," if you will, that ultimately was And so, while the song starts with this feeling of defeat, it makes its way to the victory of stepping out of the shadows and recognizing my power. And that's what I hope listeners take away from it. That feeling of victory over the darkness - that first step out into the light.

What was the production process like for "Tired/Sad?" Is Jonathan Wilson a producer your work with often?

'Begin Again' is the first record I've made with Jonathan Wilson. I enjoyed working with him and am so happy with how it all came together. For each tune, we'd start by having me describe the intention of the song and the ideas I had (or didn't have) for it. I'd play it solo while the rest of the band listened through. From there, we'd slowly start playing the songs together, finding out where they needed to go. We did this one by one, giving each song, like "Tired/Sad," its own musical treatment but creating a cohesive flow through the record from start to finish. "Tired/Sad" came really naturally to us as a group, lifting up from solo piano at the top to this hymn of hopeful melody, dancing between the vocals, Hammond, harmonies, percussion, etc.

How has your music evolved from your first album release to the release of "Tired/Sad?" What elements (if any) have stayed consistent?

I released my first EP so long ago, and while my style has shifted through the years, the music's core has always been personal songwriting about healing, self-trust, and the human experience. This particular record combines some of my earlier pop influences with the really earthy, grounded folk and Americana sounds of my last few releases. It feels like a very rounded look at who I am musically, and I love that.

What is your songwriting process typically like? Where do you draw inspiration from?

It differs from song to song, but so frequently, I will sit down with an instrument, find my way into a melody, and start writing from there. Sometimes I am very intentional about what topics I want to write about, and sometimes I let them come to me as I sing. It surprises me when words come out that I didn't realize I needed to face or address. But they always present themselves, the ones that are hiding in the wings. In the case of "Tired/Sad," I was aimlessly sitting at the piano, playing a chord, and singing that opening line. It made me grumble, honestly. Almost immediately, I got a text from my friend Sarah, asking how I was, to which I replied, "I just started a song with 'I am tired, I am sad, and I'm tired of being sad for everything.'" We both laughed. Lucky for me, she was nearby, and we met up to go for a hike together. Masked outdoor activity was the level of socializing we were at, at the time. When I got home, my mind felt clear enough to pick the song back up and find my way through it. And that's what I draw inspiration from. The feelings that tug at me, the lives of my loved ones, the interactions I have with other people...all of us just finding our way through life, separately and together.

What's next for you?

We're working on music videos for this record, and I'm always writing. But right now, I'm back on the road, celebrating the release of 'Begin Again' on 7/22, and I am so happy to be connecting with folks in person again. I am really lucky to be able to share my story and to be graced with the stories of audience members who come for the connection and joy that live music allows.



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