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Get Fired up With Jiggy Bars Latest Release “No More"

Jiggy Bars is a Chicago based artist whose introduction to the music industry came with signing with the label Yudafor Music Group. Since hustling in the industry for 4 years he has been featured on the hottest Chicago radio stations and continues to work towards bringing his music to new audiences. Recently, Jiggy Bars released his banging new tune “No More” which features Stefhon Daze and it is a bouncy bop of a tune. “No More” is one of those tunes that you can’t help but bob your head to it and make up your own adlibs as you listen along. The dynamic dance between the 808 bass drums with the tight flow of both Jiggy Bars and Stefhon Daze makes for an intricate movement that easily gets you hyped up. The further keep up the excitement in “No More”, Jiggy is able to keep our ears constantly on the lookout for his flavorful one-off vocal effects that seem to pop out of the speakers and pull us in. “No More” is a tune that you’ll be able to blast either at the club or alone at home and vibe out to the fresh-sounding textures that Jiggy Bars has created. This is a release that has us hyped up for what else is to come from Jiggy Bars.

You can find “No More“ here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Jiggy Bars! Your release “No More” with Stefhon Daze seems to pull us in with its creative effects, how did you achieve that 3D sound in your vocals? Is that something you had in mind during the writing?

As far as the intro goes the vocal effect was something I had in my head, while my engineer @ksoundengineering brought it to life. Its something I had in the back of my mind during the process because I like to structure my intros a certain way.

The songwriting in “No More” has a very honest approach to it, was there a story or event that had inspired the writing? How did you come to the lyrics that you had performed?

There was no specific event that inspired the song, it was ore of those in the moment type of feeling. Christian Dior is one of my favorite scents and I went to a Christian university where I seen some girls do some not so Christian things. So I tied the two together

Both you and Jiggy gave off some incredible bars, was there ever a talk between the two of you of who would get what lines in the song? How did you decide what the end performances would be?

After I laid the hook down we both just put our own sauce on the verses. Daze recorded his verse first and went crazy and I came right behind him with another dope verse.

It’s amazing to hear that your hustle has been rewarding you in your career, what types of goals are you hustling to achieve next? Do you have any ideas in mind that you think hip-hop as a genre should push to try next?

At this point, I am trying to connect all the dots, grow my fanbase, streams, bigger platform/performances. I am representing Chicago and starting a wave. I'm hustling to be on charts and have my talents maximized internationally and be a respected rapper/ songwriter in the hip hop industry.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Pressure, none stop. Singles and visuals eventually a project. But expect to see me continue to get hot, rotation on power92  2020 is the yearJiggyBarsis heating up 


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