Get Gritty with Fame-ous Barz and his Debut Single, "Come Try Me"

Hip-Hop artist Fame-ous Barz gives fans a taste of his mind-blowing charisma with the official single from his long-awaited album, “My Ambitions Life or Death Vol.1.”

International recording artist Fame-ous Barz wears many hats in the entertainment industry including producing and acting on top of being an emcee. “Come Try Me,” is the first official single off of his highly anticipated album “My Ambitions Life or Death Vol.1,” set to be released on November 27th, 2020.

This hard-hitting banger from Fame-ous Barz has been attracting attention from people worldwide and he doesn’t plan on letting up. His high energy and lyricism continues to connect with fans on a level that is about more than just music. “Come Try Me,” holds a high place on the totem pole as the single off of this album.

As an introductory single, “Come Try Me,” creates a hard-hitting ominous ambiance that has you surging with the type of power and confidence you can only dream of. The gritty atmosphere offers a strong supporting foundation to Fame-ous Barz emcee like delivery and his intense rhyme schemes. The lyricism he offers up remains full of flair as he expresses himself on a personal level with the trials and tribulations he has with others around him.

Fame-ous Barz captures the right attitude of what goes into a song that screams fight music. He is garnering attention by taking his storytelling abilities and trickling them with his own modern zest on the underground hip-hop scene.  With a record that carries this much oomph, it focuses on the value of standing your ground and being proud of it.

Fame-ous Barz displays his character in the implementation of the way he captivates you with his performance. We’re looking forward to his album, “My Ambitions Life or Death Vol.1,” and recognize why he is an up and coming artist creating his own lane.

Listen to "Come Try Me," here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic, Fame-ous Barz! Congratulations on the release of, “Come Try Me.” What made you decide to make this the single from your album, 'My Ambitions Life or Death Vol. 1'?

Come try me was inspired by a real-life event that was a life-altering situation that actually turned out positive so I wanted to reflect on it and services people that go through those situations by turning a negative into a positive and inspire people to make the right choices that are in those circumstances.

How different was your creative process on this single versus other songs on your album?

Come try me was more aggressive because it was inspired by a recent situation and took place in my life so my approach to it was different from the other songs i match the intensity of the music on the track.

Out of all the songs on 'My Ambitions Life or Death Vol. 1,' what is your favorite song off of it? If so, what’s the reasoning behind it?

There's is a song on my album called No Love  I reflects back on that song more than anything because I had to really overcome a lot of battles internally with my camp and relationship while being in the industry and dealing with a betrayal so that song is so close to me because it takes me back where I had to overcome so much just to get to this point and I survived a traumatic point of my life.

What can listeners expect in terms of sounds and vibes from 'My Ambitions Life or Death Vol.1”?

I think My Ambitions Life Or Death Vol.1 has a mixture of up-tempo slow down tracks High energize tracks, this album is really going to touch and hit on all cylinders. This album will mess with your emotions whatever mood your in this album is for you. I really feel like I delivered a classic.

What can fans anticipate to hear next?

My next single called "The Game Iz Mine" is coming next. It's a club banger if you're at a  party once you hear it, you're going want to turn the speakers up!! This one is a high energized track to really get the party going. I think the people during the epidemic that's really going to miss that vibe no matter where they are. This is the one that you going to really want to play in your car over and over after you hear it with family and friends.