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Get Groovy With This Tasty Hit From DAVIE “Flavor”

DAVIE is a true Masterchef! Combining myriad flavors of musical deliciousness, from a synthetic funk mirroring a prince like sound to a Curtis Mayfield-Esque Chicago sweet soul magic.

DAVIE gives the most flavorous song that will most definitely be added to my personal playlists! The release of his record “Flavor” was a mellifluous melody mixed with a funky soulful texture to his vocal resonance. But what grasped me as a complete fan was when I watched the vibrant video he released alongside the song. In the video, the arrangement of everything was classic, and retro. From the fashion, to the choreography, down to the disco ball. The detail in this video added a transporting time-machine for the listener to enter and go on an exuding vibrant journey to the past. DAVIE exhibits the modern day prince throughout his entire flare. He has this ageless artistry to him that we don’t find wearing out anytime soon. His picture perfect R&B ballads can catch the eyes of classic legends such as Stevie Wonder and Lionel Rich. however, he remains tastefully translatable to the current generation with his smooth velvet vocals that represents a frank ocean articulation. “Flavor” was an all around fun hit we loved to its fullest capacity!

Listen to Flavor here and get to know more about DAVIE below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic DAVIE! Mind introducing yourself and your background to our readers?

My name is Davie. I am an R&B /soul entertainer . I love French fries and a good laugh. 

You have such a vintage and soulful style!

Who are some of your musical inspirations and in what ways have they inspired you?

I love Prince, Beyonce , Pharrell andSam Cooke . Each of them have this unique way of expressing themselves, down to name. I always felt different and each of these artist own their uniqueness.

Let’s discuss this fun hit, “Flavor”. What was the entire theme of the record?

In the beginning, it was.  I was playing live shows during the time of the recording , so I was really in a fun and hype place. Most of the tracks on the EP are mid tempo, but the uptempo tracks have some sauce that carry the project.

How would you describe the lyrical arrangement in “Flavor” ?

A little bit of Prince's falsetto, with some James Brown drums. I wanted it to have some sass.

What’s next for you DAVIE?

Shows! I cant wait to start playing live. Hopefully, there are more TV opportunities as well. I like dancing and acting ... give me a call Spike Lee! 


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