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Get "Higher," with iBleazy and His New Release

Matt Brown, known artistically as iBleazy, is an American singer/songwriter that resides between Colorado Springs, CO and Southern California. Around a decade ago, iBleazy began his quest into the music industry by auditioning for American Idol. Fast forward ten years and now iBleazy is releasing his own inspiring singles that are packed with his authentic and endearing expressions.

iBleazy has released his highly anticipated single, "Higher." The song immediately feels packed full of inspiration once you tune in. The harmonious voice of iBleazy blends into the melody and crafts this serene, calm atmosphere. Soon enough, a soft-strumming guitar presence shapes the rhythm which brings on a real sense of calmness. iBleazy has the kind of voice that is purely angelic, bringing on a very soothing and graceful tone to his music.

With the peaceful delivery comes an even more peaceful narrative. "Higher" embodies positivity and growth, especially pertaining to a particular love interest. iBleazy exclaims that he can take "you higher, higher and higher" and we have no doubt that his music can accomplish such a task. Our personal favorite element to "Higher?" The explosive burst of excitement at the chorus, where iBleazy's vocal range is displayed in a thorough way.

iBleazy's "Higher" is available on streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, iBleazy. We are enamored with your latest debut single, "Higher.". Tell us, were you able to execute your intended vision on this piece?

More than I could have ever envisioned! The love, the support. It’s everything and more. This song comes from a deep place and we worked really hard on it so, positive reception means the world! What were you hoping your audience could ultimately take away from "Higher?"

If you want something bad enough; life, love, career whatever it is, fight for it! Be that person. Be your biggest hero! Your lover's biggest hero! The galaxies are the limit ya know…take it higher and higher and higher. Ultimately any time of love has no limits if you fight. Do you often take your music as the opportunity to express certain themes or messages?

A lot of my music is a look inside my head, heart, and life. I write from experience or write from the theme or current situation I’m immersed in. Some of my music also comes from a place of healing. No matter sad, happy or indifferent I always want it to represent a story with a touch of pop and club lol!! What is your intent with the rest of your music going forward?

What type of style are you planning on adhering to? I’m influenced by all types of music and plan on touching all types of music. Right now I’m in an experimental phase where I’m playing with different sounds and styles. I want my catalog to my diverse and representative of all humans. Like I stated earlier, throw a dap of pop and club and we got Magic! I want my music to heal people, make people happy, make people want to go out and rage, to make love too. All of it!

What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

I’d say currently independently if you will FLETCHER and Black Atlass. As far as releases go, we have all been through so much shit this last year that anything that is being created and released is so appreciated. We need anything right now to bring us together and MUSIC does that.


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