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Get Him His Crown, Tee Official is the "King of the Hill"

Addressing himself as an ‘Area boy,’ to represent his Nigerian culture, blended with his life in the UK and his life on the streets, the versatile talents of Tee Official offer up his authentic reality in a relatable and cultured showcase.

Originating from South London, although born in Peckham, he was raised in Thamesmead to see a better life. He has always been inspired by UK music, and now he’s a part of it.

Producing a vivid soundscape of enticing vibrations, “King of the Hill” reigns supreme as the most recent single from Tee Official. Sprawling his lyrical pizazz over the mid to up-tempo radiance of the instrumentation, we’re offered various sides of Tee Official as he presents his most confident self to listeners far and wide.

Through his lyrical dexterity, we fixate upon the widespread of witty quips and an ode to wordplay. Tee Official covers mass ground as he intricately weaves in and out of cadences with a punchy rhythm. As the single progress, you’re coaxed into dissecting each meaning and reference brightly illuminated in the metaphors brought forth. It’s quite literally a lyrical buffet for your brain to feast upon. Tee Official consistently delivers his hard-hitting energy in an unmatched manner. He does so with poise and conviction, which leaves you clinging to every word he utters.

With an animated resonance that strikes in heavy, Tee Official takes us through the well-timed verses that he fluently delivers. Exemplifying the type of self-assuredness that he wants listeners to feel more than hear, Tee Official leaves listeners simmering in a pool of his boisterous energy.

We love your delivery of “King of the Hill.” What moment or story is the lyrical content based on?

My lyric content isn’t just based on one thing, it’s a mixture of things. I like to give my listeners a more open and wider insight, into various situations that’s occurred in my life. As well as, give them relatable situations to grab through my music. It doesn’t matter if it’s about money, women, or the streets.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from this track in terms of themes and messages?

I’m hoping that they understand that; you don’t have to live the fake expensive lifestyle, You should be real to yourself, I’ve been through some crazy ups and downs in life but I’m still the king of my hill.

Do you have a personal favorite lyric "King of the Hill?"

I have so many favorite lines from “King of the Hill”, but my personal favorite line is “And I don’t wanna hear about rules, I’ll break that s*it till I win” - by any means necessary I’m securing the bag, by any means necessary I’m leaving a Legacy, NO rest, STRICTLY hustle.

How do you allow your musical and non-musical influences to speak into the music that you create?

At times I’d imagine certain situations whilst I’m writing, and find words that best reflect the thoughts I have. It’s almost as if, if I can’t see it in my head then I won't write.

How does “King of the Hill,” compare to other songs in your music catalog?

King of the Hill is a simple song compared to my other music, especially the ones to come. It’s easy on the ears, simple bars to understand, easy flow, simple and catchy. All the songs after King of the Hill are more complex inflow and punchlines, it only gets better after King of the Hill.


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