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Get Hooked On, "Show Me Love," CDZ!'s Latest Smooth Swaggering Hip Hop Release

CDZ! is the budding and smooth cantering Rapper from Marietta, Georgia. His last single, "Jeep," rendered like an auspicious Emcee debut with highlights focusing on the various influences he channels through the musical touchstones he collects with a connoisseurs' ear. He's already displayed a propensity for witty verbiage throughout his catalog, and still, he always endeavors to adorn his Hip-hop productions with a scintillating hook. This is especially true for his latest creative break this year, with the release of "Show Me Love"—his most captivating cut yet.

CDZ! soars over "Show Me Love" with an anamorphic sounding vocal texture gives this song an irresistible glow. It feels like a dream-like state where we're in between inebriated and hazed out—reminiscent of how old R & B tunes disarm us with their affecting nature. The measure here operates over a mid-tempo drift that swaggers over a trap-beat with utterances in the language of modern Hip-hop inserted through scattering hi-hats, a deep pounding sub, and a crunchy snare for the backbeat.

Probably the most enticing thing about this track is the experienced comfort the Georgian displays over his wordplay while stimulating us with his dominant presence over the clever lyrics he magnifies through his grooving expression. The leading hook buzzes over the sultry bassline, as if they were made for each other, "show me love, or none at all, hit my plug, yeah, that's my dog," he sings here. When his attitude reaches homeostasis in the verses, we find ourselves entirely invested in the narrative CDZ! shows with complete effortless talent on "Show Me Love."

What's something or someone you draw your creative inspiration from, and how do you go about incorporating those influences without losing sight of your own aesthetic and individual style?

I can draw inspiration from anything. I feel like inspiration is all about perspective. I draw a lot of inspiration from my friends and myself. A good amount of the homies are creative people, not just musically. My main inspirations musically though are KDOT, Toro Y Moi, Pharrell, And Dom Kennedy. Boldy James has been getting a lot of spins from me as of lately too. I think me being comfortable with myself keeps me from completely copying others or sounding too much like them. 

Where do you go, or what ritual do you confide in when the creative juices just aren't flowing during a writing session?

I usually attack any creative blocks with nature and a joint. When I’m outside or driving I get ideas immediately. Sometimes I just relax and choose to do something else creative for a couple of days if I’m exhausted musically. I never force anything. 

When do you think we'll be seeing a full-length cut from CDZ!, and what do you think your main narrative regarding that project might be?

My last project “Strange Fruit” was this year in April but I make music almost every day so another project is bound to hit your ears before the year is over. The title will be “Bad Fruit”. Stream the last album and you’ll understand where I’m going. But before I give my next solo album, I have to drop off these two collab tapes I’ve been working on with Nick Diminico here in the A and another with James Rogers from Boston. Those will hit your ears soon. 

What are you most excited about for your artistic career in 2021, and what sort of milestones are you aiming to surpass this year to close off 2020?

The only milestone I have for this year is vague but It's just to be better at everything. Make better songs than before. Have better content. Become a better person in order to make better music. Next year I aim to reach more fans across the US and run this money up. I’m looking to take over the world next year. Hopefully, festivals are back open. You’ll definitely see me.


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