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Get In A New Groove With, “Longing for You” By Joshua Stephfon

Joshua Stephfon is an R&B artist originally from Memphis, TN, who has just released a fire new single entitled “Longing For You." Joshua Stephfon grew up as a member of his church choir, and although his focus at the time was to learn how to play the drums, a deep appreciation for music was formed from his experience. He started making music in high school for fun, which turned into a real passion for creativity.

Joshua Stephfon has been releasing music since 2017, and “Longing For You” is his latest impassioned release full of sharp vocals and vigorous beats. “Longing For You” has that classic R&B feel to it, the kind of music where you can simply close your eyes and just take in all the sounds.

Joshua Stephfon uses groovy background melodies along with a strong-willed beat to keep the song alive, one that will have you swaying along to the rhythm. His smooth, sultry vocals are a clear focal point for the song, Joshua illustrating his ability to mix different tones and styles. The addition of harmonies and layering in the lyrics adds depth to the song for a whole, well-rounded sound.

As the title gives a sneak-peek into, Joshua Stephfon uses “Longing For You” to describe yearning for another person and what you crave about them. His passion is embedded in his lyrics and vocal delivery right up until the last note. Joshua Stephfon eases you out of the song with some flowing piano to accompany the rhythm, a revitalizing ending “Longing For You."

Make sure to check out “Longing For You” now, available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Joshua Stephfon, and congratulations on your latest release, "Longing For You." Can you tell us about your songwriting process for this song?

Recently I’ve been trying a different style. I usually write, but my engineer had me start just putting a beat on that I like and pretty much let everything just flow out. I’ve gotten so many more songs/references done this way.

What are your favorite elements of “Longing For You?"

I honestly like the simplicity of it. I feel it’s very relatable and easy to connect to. I’m capable of creating all styles of music in many other genres as well, but this side of me just happens to flow out better. I love connecting to people's emotions. Where I’m from, there’s so much hate and negativity. At this stage in my music, I choose not to focus on that.

What made you choose this particular song as a single?

I haven’t released in about two years and wasn’t in any rush to push anything out. So many songs don’t make it out of the rough draft stage because of how hard I judge myself. I just happened to like Longing For You enough to let the world hear it.

What kind of atmosphere were you looking to create with "Longing For You?"

I just wanted everyone to relate and to feel how I portray my love in a song. I wanted them to see my angle and put themselves in my shoes.

What were your intentions with the production style?

This is a beat I came across online; therefore, I didn’t have too much input on it. All I know is it sounded good, and as soon as I heard it, I knew I had to bless it.

How did growing up around music shape the artist you are today?

I’m from Memphis. Growing up there was rough, and all we had was music or sports. Just observing my city and seeing how much influence music had over people definitely shaped what kind of artist I am. I know it’s possible if you put the work in. I want to be able to go back to my community and say aye, this is where I came from, and look what I made out of it. Being able to give back and give hope to others is what I want most.

What is one lesson you have learned along the way?

The biggest lesson for me was to never stop, regardless of what you’re going through. There are going to be so many things that will try to derail you from your goal. I’ve stopped several times, and I feel those times were my biggest downfalls.

What's next for you?

The world! I feel soon, I’ll be even bigger than what I’m envisioning. As far as the ones that support me, they can expect a lot more releases and visuals.


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