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Get Into the Deep House Mix “This House Is Not A Home Vol. 4” With Ryan Alex

From the Bay Area to Los Angeles, house DJ Ryan Alex releases his latest deep house mix “This House Is Not A Home Vol. 4”. Blending his love for jazz and dance music, Ryan Alex found house music to be a happy medium that equally expressed both of his passions. With the release of his mix “This House Is Not A Home Vol. 4”, Ryan Alex does a surreal job of letting us feel something through his well-crafted production techniques. Effortlessly sweeping you off your feet and taking you to thrilling places that can only be found in the heat of the summer. The amalgamation of all these tracks truly represents the electrifying vibes we feel at a summer festival, club, or any event for that matter.

“This House Is Not A Home Vol. 4” truly expresses the growth that Ryan Alex has seen since the release of his first few mixes. The transitions that he incorporates are so fluid, effortlessly moving from one track to the next. The vibes are high on this mix, not to mention overall exuding that prime summer atmosphere. Ryan Alex perfected this mix by adding the deep house stylings of several EDM artists like; Sonny Fodera, Reese, Codec, Sam Galifanac, Another James, and many more. Ryan Alex introduced us to so many new tracks that we didn’t recognize, yet are excited to add to our summer playlist. This hour-long mix doesn’t even feel remotely close to the length it is, as Ryan Alex perfectly kept the sonic emotions flowing through the entire mix “This House Is Not A Home Vol. 4.”

Listen to "This House Is Not A Home Vol. 4” here.

Hey Ryan Alex, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving the bright atmosphere you’ve captured with your mix “This House Is Not A Home Vol. 4”. How did you go about finding tracks that would match the vibe you were going for?

Hey, thank you for having me on your platform! I’m very grateful. I searched through various music sights looking for songs to my liking of the style I want to perform. Then I researched the DJ/Artist of the song and run through their catalog looking for similar songs.

Your mix “This House Is Not A Home Vol. 4” is very well mixed and provides brilliant transitions the entire way through. How did Ryan Alex arrange the order of the tracks to keep your listeners constantly engaged?

Thank you! I just listened to each individual track and felt out the vibe. A really good DJ friend of mine who’s been doing it for over thirty years gave me good advice in going about song selection. He told me to tell a story with my mix and each song should be relatable to the other. Whether it be key changes or cranking up the tempo, keep your audience engaged. 

We’ve heard that Ryan Alex has been Instagram live-streaming every Friday at 8pm PST. Have you developed any habits or techniques to your mixes that you could transfer over to live shows?

Yes! Every Friday at 8pm pt. I really enjoy it when I’m transitioning between songs and letting the vocal of the ending track ride the beat of the new track coming in. During the transitions, something special is happening and at that moment the songs are birthing a 50/50 love music child lol.

Ryan Alex’s overall sound is truly something we’ll never get tired of. Who are some of your favorite house DJ’s that you think embody the same sort of groove and feel that you do?

Oh, man shoutout to all the women DJs out there right now killing the game. Jada G, Jaguar, and Helèna Star are three DJs from the UK who have an amazing groove and vibe. All three are women of color and I’m hoping to see more women DJs in clubs when things start to open back up. So much talent and technique, I could listen to them for hours. 

What's next for you?

Next is continuing to gain and more technique and experience. I’m thinking about switching over to Twitch’s platform. I’m hearing a lot of great things, quality-wise. Working on a new mix series “Club 107”. I would really love to play in clubs when they open back up here in LA, of course starting off small in the B rooms before making my way to the main stages. This path is a marathon and I’m in it for the long haul! 


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