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Get Into the Holiday Spirit With Jan Edwards’s New EP, ‘Merry Everything’

From Minneapolis to Naples, FL, singer-songwriter and versatile recording artist Jan Edwards blesses listeners with the festive spirit in a new 8-track holiday EP, Merry Everything, packed with original songs.

Jan Edwards knows her way around creating impactful pieces. With her unique blend of country, jazz, pop, folk, and blues, she's one of our radar's more versatile independent artists. She has had successful achievements, such as winning first place in the country category at the USA Songwriting Competition. With several placements in film, TV, and ads, not to mention reaching #1 on the Texas charts with her hit "I Will," Jan Edwards is proving herself an artist to watch in 2024.

More recently, Edwards released her album DARK around Halloween and looks forward to releasing the second part, LIGHT, in the spring of 2024. Until then, we're feasting our ears on her newest holiday project, the 8-track EP Merry Everything. Each song showcases Edwards' skillful songwriting and infectious positive attitude, helping listeners get into the festive spirit with eight beautiful songs.

The experience starts with the upbeat intro track, "Christmas All Around," floating through the speakers with fluttery piano melodies and a jazzy, soulful instrumental spin. As Jan Edwards's radiant vocals rain down from above, her cheerful lyrics bestow the nature of the festive season while describing cozy scenarios that leave us eager for Christmas day. It's an uplifting, peppermint-infused holiday song bound to get listeners in a good mood.

Onto the EP's second track, "Holiday Mood," Jan Edwards sinks into a more witty, introspective vibe with a mid-tempo beat, heavy brass, sweet jingle bells, and catchy melodies. This song feels like embracing your seasonal surroundings and soaking in the festive cheer while spreading it with every interaction. From the stockings by the fire to the busy shopping malls, Jan Edwards perfectly describes the essence of the "Holiday Mood."

Landing on the EP's third and title track, "Merry Everything," Jan Edwards dives into a vibrant, modern holiday song with rich pop production incorporating groovy electronic elements to make this song ultra-danceable. While her beautiful vocals pay homage to the merry spirit of the holidays, Jan Edwards naturally puts a smile on our faces with her witty lyrics and overall message of gathering, giving, and sharing happiness with loved ones all season long.

Reaching a more soulful holiday tune with track number four, "Christmas To Blame," we're met with a downtempo, jazzy instrumental alongside Jan Edwards's rhythmic and breathy vocals. While expressing how she loses herself in decorating, shopping, and shoveling, Edwards confesses that with all the season's stressors, we've only got "Christmas To Blame." But, still, it's a good kind of blame that drives you crazy, but you look forward to every year.

Sinking deeper into the passionate, loving vibes of the season is track number five, "Perfect Christmas Eve," melting through the speakers with silky piano melodies and Jan Edwards's stunning vocals. While wishing for the perfect Christmas Eve to complete the season, she serenades listeners with honest lyrics of yearning to find someone to snuggle with by fire or roast chestnuts over an open flame. And with every year, the wish continues. It's a personal side of the album that showcases Jan Edwards's vulnerability and compelling songwriting.

Track six, "Happy Holiday State of Mind," switches 180 degrees, blasting through the speakers with an extensive brass section, harmonious piano melodies, upbeat drums, and sweet jingle bells. As she sets the scene with snow on the streets and people greeting with glee, Jan Edwards perfectly expresses that feeling in the air of the "Happy Holiday State of Mind." She has no problem painting vivid pictures in listeners' minds; this song is no exception.

The EP's seventh track, "True Gift Of Christmas, " is upping the nostalgia," opening with a soothing string section that leads into melodic keys and Jan Edwards's sweet-sounding vocals. This might be our favorite track on the project. It feels very Michael Bublé-esque, chilling listeners with a jazzy, adult-contemporary vibe and homages to classics like It's A Wonderful Life. The massive brass section brings the song's soul to the max, and Jan Edwards's rich vocals are the cherry on top.

Landing on the eighth and final track of the project, "Wrapped In Your Love," Jan Edwards slows things down a notch to end the EP on a meaningful note. With soft piano melodies and velvety vocals, Edwards serenades listeners with calming lyrics of feeling wrapped in someone's love and realizing that this is the only gift she truly needs. It's a beautiful, jazzy outro song that perfectly encapsulates the spirit and meaning of the season, to share love and happiness abound.

Not in the holiday spirit? You will be after hearing Jan Edwards's beautiful 8-track holiday EP, Merry Everything. Do yourself a favor and let this be your soundtrack all season long. The new project is available on all digital streaming platforms.

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