Get Into the Waves of Summer With "Centipede"

21-year-old Maric was born and raised in the Cayman Islands. He grew up in a diverse household with his father being Jamaican and his mother from the UK.

Music has always been a large part of Maric’s life with the earliest memory he has been writing lyrics to a song on a napkin in preschool and showing his parents. Taking his Caribbean roots and influences, he places them into his music in a major way as he leaps into a solo career of his own.

Enlisting the euphonious timbres of Esty in order to deliver the tropical vibration of his most recent single “Centipede,” Maric has us swaying to the beat of his melodic croons this summer anthem. You immediately transport yourself to being under the simmering rays of the sun as the heated evolution of “Centipede,” touches on prevailing messaging through the musicality exposed. Maric’s vocals settle into your mind in a fluent motion that has you submitting to his harmonious performance.

Combining his energy with that of Esty’s, this dynamic duo brings forth unalloyed life to this single in a way that has you wanting to hear more from them in the future. Everything about “Centipede,” has us experiencing a diverse skill set from these two as we pan back and forth between English and Spanish lyrics. This sonic voyage immerses in a buoyant manner as you are gently brought into the gravitational pull of Maric and Esty.

Fashioning a striking utopia that resonates with audience members far and wide, Maric makes it known that his musical canvases are meant for all to enjoy as long as they find a way to relate to the auditory goodness exposed. Weaving us through the compelling expedition of expressions, “Centipede,” will be sure to make it to your summer playlists this year.

We love the vibes that you and Esty present in “Centipede.” You both work together incredibly! What is the inspiration behind the lyrics heard in this single?

The hook was more aimed at the stage of my life that I am in right now. I feel like when you hit your 20s you start really making judgments on the people in your life. I feel thankful that a lot of those who surround me are genuine people but I see my friends get burned all the time by people plotting behind their back, using them, etc. So the premise of the song is that you cant surround yourself with this energy that these fake people provide, separate yourself, and don't associate, and once you do that you can really start to enjoy life.

How did this collaboration come to be? Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process entailed?

I actually only met ESTY last January through a group of friends that my girl and her friends were connected with, I only really tapped into his music however last summer, and really liked his style especially since I started getting more into reggaeton music. With regards to the song I just dm'd him one day to listen to this song that I had just made (Centipede) and he vibed with it, I asked him if he would feature on it, he agreed, and about a week later he sent his vocals. ESTY killed his part and we both love the song, I'm sure we have more collaborations coming in the future.

If your audience could take away one thing from this single, what would you want it to be?

I would say I want them to listen to the feel-good vibes and positive energy from the track and have it inspire them to take control of who is in their life. I feel like the lyrics are easily glossed over because a lot of people listen to it for the energy, but surrounding yourself with the right people is essential for whatever you want to do with your life and more importantly to live a happy life and that exactly what the lyrics are trying to say.

What is your mission statement as an artist? How do you allow that to speak through your music?

Ultimately I want to bring my home, Cayman Islands, to the limelight. We have so many talented people on the Island and many of them are finally starting to be recognized. However, I want more than just a little recognition, when people think of Cayman I want it to be recognized for the talent it produces, much like how Jamaica is so often associated with Bob Marley, Vybz Kartel, Popcaan, Koffee, etc. My mission is to have my name attached to my home on an international level, I want everyone to know where Maric is from and who he represents. I try to show this through my music by using my Caymanian accent, making reference to Cayman, just showing pride in where I come from in general to make it known that Cayman is what made me great.

What's next for you?

More growth. That's all I want, I know I'm infinitely critical of my music so every time I release something I listen and think about how I can make it better for the next drop. A year from now Maric is going to be big.


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