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Get Locked Into The Charisma Of ProhphiSee’s “Shawty We Can”

Born in New Jersey and residing in Raleigh, ProphiSee is an artist and rapper that brings a unique style and flow to his music. His wordplay is highly captivating while embodying his high-spirited persona, and he is polished enough to rank at the top with some of your favorite emcees.

Heavily influenced by artists like Lil Wayne, Polo G, Mick Jenkins, and Biggie Smalls, ProphiSee's music will, without a doubt, get you to vibe out.

His potential is showcased in the release of his latest single, "Shawty We Can." Blending a soothing atmosphere with high energy and an unmatched swagger, it's apparent that ProphiSee is an ultimate vibe setter. His use of inflection on each word, carefully curated, gets us hooked from the moment the song starts.

ProphiSee sets the track on fire the moment "Shawty We Can" begins and laces the track in witty bars and unmatched confidence, allowing you to be brought into the peaks and grooves of the beat.

When we focus on the instrumentation, there's a big focus on a lulling harp-like synth that sets an intimate tone to the song's natural progression. Accompanied by enticing hi-hats and bassy drum patterns, ProphiSee has the recipe for magnetic earworms that nuzzle inside the mind. Playing into the lyrical motifs that cast out a vibrant storytelling liveliness, ProphiSee moves in a way that conveys his intention and lyrical dexterity. Two trademarks of making it as a hip-hop artist in today's music industry.

With determination helping to sharpen his skills, ProphiSee's music is a sonic breath of fresh air. We're thrilled to put "Shawty We Can" on repeat and wouldn't be surprised if you added it to your favorite new playlist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, ProphiSee! Thanks for joining us to chat about the release of "Shawty We Can." You create an energetic yet intimate vibe on this track, and we love it! What was the moment or story that inspired the creation of this song?

The moment was putting a couple of stories together that I have been through in my life and just letting the wordplay explain it all. Sometimes things click for me, and it gets the creative flow going. It really all depends on what I want to show the fans and what side they get from me.

With such witty lyrical concepts, what inspires your extensive use of wordplay?

I think of different ways to get people to see how differently I can think outside the box. I do a couple of things to see if people catch on to what I’m trying to say; sometimes, it goes over their heads. Kind of a cat-and-mouse game to see who can figure out what before the next person, in this case, the next song.

Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process of bringing "Shawty We Can" to life? Do you often use the same creative process?

The creative process really changes with each song. Sometimes I listen to certain artists, and things start to click; other times, I put myself in positions to get those creative juices flowing and help me find what is going to happen next and what version of ProphiSee I can showcase this time.

How do you find that your musical influences speak into your music? Have you always had this sound, or have you adopted and tweaked it along the way?

I have adopted and tweaked it along the way; I can hear myself in so many people it’s crazy. And sometimes, when I rhyme, the wordplay is almost similar to what someone else would say, and I try to just put everything in my own words and stories. Creating your sound takes adjustment and giving it time for people to understand.

What's next for you?

The sky is the limit. Right now, I’m in a race to do anything that gets placed in front of me. Being at the top of the game is hard, and when you get there, you have to find ways to stay relevant in music and in life. So I’m trying to teach myself how to keep going and pushing myself past just being good and great to become a legend one day and engrave my name in people's minds because sooner or later, the walk of fame won’t be here, so how will you want to be remembered.


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