Get Lost in a Daze with Dan Marsh's Single, "Daydreaming"

From New York to London UK, the smooth singer-songwriter Dan Marsh floats through the groove with his latest transcending single, "Daydreaming."

Devoted to the sultry sounds of Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, and the aesthetics of Prince, N.E.R.D, and Pusha T, Dan Marsh truly acts as a force to be reckoned with. Motivating his listeners through sharing personal stories of self-worth and mental health, Dan Marsh always lets his audience know they're not alone.

Getting lost in paradise through his latest single, "Daydreaming," Dan Marsh serves us a beautiful blend of r&b, soul, hip-hop, and funk. Through the intricate instrumentals and his soulful performance, the song allows listeners to fade away into dreamland with help from the sweet sonic atmosphere.

Listening to "Daydreaming," we're met with a harmonious synth arrangement and a down-tempo r&b beat. Dan Marsh leads the way through the single with vast poise and passion, singing a personal and vulnerable message of wanting to be by someone's side amid the world's chaos.

Dan Marsh's rhythmic vocal delivery truly showcases his unique sound and talent, especially as he floats alongside the psychedelic-infused sonics. The instrumentals and sonics are another enamoring aspects of this song, displaying a groovy Thundercat meet Anderson. Paak atmosphere and vibe. Reaching the outro, the shimmering synths and groovy drums drift into the sunset alongside Dan Marsh's soothing vocal delivery.

Drift into a daze with Dan Marsh's heavenly single, "Daydreaming," available now on all digital streaming platforms.

We're more than pleased with the beautiful sonic and lyrical portrayal of your latest single, "Daydreaming." What inspired you to create this dreamy single?

Heartbreak! This song is a true story from my life. I fell in love with the fantasy I created in my head about a woman who was clear about what she wanted. Loving me physically wasn’t the issue, but her heart was off-limits. Her heart and mind were what I genuinely wanted to earn. It was a beautiful pain to watch me lose a budding friendship to a passionate physical connection. So, what better way to heal as a songwriter than to write about it.

Did you write the emotional and passionate lyricism yourself within "Daydreaming?" What does your songwriting process usually look like?

I actually did. I usually write all my songs. This one took 6yrs to finish. The original version was much shorter and a completely different genre. But when writing new songs it really depends on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I start with melodies (which is my favorite). Or I just write, letting my thoughts and feelings flow through poetry.

How did you achieve such a groovy and rhythmic sonic atmosphere for "Daydreaming?" Were you inspired by any songs or artists when creating the instrumentals/production?

When creating the soundscape for Daydreaming I went back to just the lyrics of the song. And I just started to hear the feeling better now than when I first created it. I felt 70s jazz with the melodies of 80s R&B/Soul and a dash of The Neptunes. Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall album is a huge inspiration for where my heart is sonically. For this song particularly, the life-force derives from ‘I Can’t Help It’. Stevie Wonder’s writing and the production from Quincy Jones are timeless. The song is a marriage of music and words.

You’ve mentioned that you strive to let your audience know they're not alone when struggling with life's trials and tribulations. How does your music reflect this statement?

This life experience in Daydreaming is something I’ve learned is common with many people. I learned that I wasn’t wrong for wanting a meaningful relationship. But also the woman in this story wasn’t wrong for having her boundaries. And she didn’t have to justify her reasons for denying me those personal intimate connections. It was no one's fault things didn’t work. It was an opportunity to learn more about personal relationships.

What can we expect to see next from you, Daniel?

I’m really excited to share the collaborations I’ve been working on, and honestly just sharing more of what I love in life (it’s a Secret) lol.