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Get Lost in a Psychedelic Dream With The Links

The Links are a group that formed in the early 2010s who just recently released their newest single titled “Made For Life”. “Made For Life” is an atmospheric single with psychedelic elements and electrifying guitar chords fused with a soulful bass to create this unique experience that you’re astonished by. Listening to “Made For Life” you instantly become drawn into the song with its stellar arrangements. The vocal resonance in “Made For Life” was hauntingly chilling but spellbinding. It was augmented but magnetic.

Every component to “Made For Life” is sonically riveting. “Made For Life” is so panoramic in dimensions that you become compelled by what else The Links has to offer. Their entire project was bewitching and unforgettable. The Links have the ability to showcase different components to their artistry because as fascinated we were, we took a listen to “Shattered Dreams”. “Shattered Dreams” had this 1970 Las Vegas vibe. Long drive to a casino with hallucinatory elements. “The Long Drive Home” showcased the bass guitar intricate arrangements with a more smooth-jazz introduction. The piano melody fused with the bass guitar at the beginning of this song takes you onto this calming journey before The Links experimental vocals transition in to keep the psychedelic-rock aspect in-tact. Their entire project was mesmerizing. “Made For Life” will undeniably become a hit with the right promotion.

Listen to “Made For Life” by The Links here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Links! In what ways were you able to shift your sound from the small disbandment that occurred? Did you discover any new elements of your artistry through this experience?

We’ve played with a handful of drummers by this point, but the last one we parted ways with was the main one to really record on our albums & stuff, so having a final farewell there was going to be a big deal in some way as far as how we sounded.  There was a brief moment where I’d just be going back to the literal one-man-band territory but quite the opposite happened & I think we’re stronger both live and in the studio then we’ve possibly ever been.  “Made for Life” & “Shattered Dreams” on this new release capture the actual live energy of the band in a way we’ve only really been able to do a few times before.

Let’s talk about your song “Made For Life”. The atmospheric production creates images in our heads. What was your vision for this song and how would you describe your creative process towards the production of this?

We basically wanted to make a “pseudo-Bond theme,” and I think we pulled it off pretty well here.  At some point while playing the song as a full band we got these little pre- and post-chorus sections that just kept getting crazier & crazier as far as the synchronization between the drums & guitar until it felt like some kind of off-the-rails excursion we just had to hold on to ‘til the end.  It might be my favorite song to play live right now, save for maybe “Lola” and another new one we have called “Calice” [pronounced “callous.”]  Might actually be the single most dynamic song in our canon as of now.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics in “Made For Life”? Can you tell us your songwriting approach towards this single and what inspired you to write it?

It’s about having the world at your feet and screwing it up, but somehow still having the time of your life anyway.  I came up with most of the general chord progressions on an acoustic guitar in New Orleans, though I may have ripped off some of the verse stuff from something Troy showed me a few months prior.

What can we expect to see next from The Links throughout 2020?

We’re currently doing a relatively short-run tour through the south-central US, though ideally, we can grow that little travel circle as well as getting some of the newer stuff recorded soon – ideally our next full-length won’t be too far off!



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