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Get Lost in Controller's New Single, “Where are You”

With over ten years in the music industry, rock group Controller shows no plans of slowing down their climb and musical journey. Focusing on stepping outside the lines and instilling a questioning mindset within listeners, this group doesn’t limit themselves to just one genre or sound but rather explores the new inspiration that will attack their emotions.

Their latest single “Where are You” is surrounded by powerful guitar instrumentals and intense vocals. The climbing beat strikes your soul and makes you question your prior shades of youth with lyrics like “see innocence swept away” and “erase the light inside” to create a feeling of immense loss while still holding an impassioned power.

Controller’s diversity as a musical group is a vital building block to making them who they are and their unique sound. "Where are You's" powerful resonating beats and immersive vocals layered together to create a feeling of power, Controller inspires listeners to follow their own path. This mantra helps them to reach for new inspiration for every single release while making sure they dominate each and every aspect of music production they encounter. “Where are you” is a compelling track filled with energetic dominance that is sure to sting listeners down to their core.

Your new track “Where are you” is super powerful and filled with emotion, what would you say was your inspiration for this single, and how did that influence your creative process?

Bob: Most of us see ourselves now, and where we would want/like to be. This song is a reflection of what was as well. It is made of who and what we are today.

Jeff: The year leading up to the album this song is on was hard. I had to put those feelings someplace or continue to choke upon them. A lot of my inspiration came from a lack of being able to obtain all the other things I desperately wanted at that time.

Do you have any artists or individuals that you draw interest in when going through your musical process?

Austin: I personally get inspired from the vibes we put off while writing/rehearsing/jamming and allow that to follow the stream we layout. I ALWAYS go into any form of music with no goal but pure feeling for that specific moment.

Stephen: I have found myself drawn to a lot of the bands coming out of Australia over the past 5-10 years. I find myself writing in that style more and more as the years go on. But more than anything else, I get inspired when I or one of the guys plays a riff that catches my ear, and we work it out and see where it takes us.

How do you think that your group and personal sound have evolved after 10 years in the industry?

Jeff: I think more than growing into the industry these last ten years, we have grown as people and I really cannot ask for a whole lot more than that.

Bob: We have evolved by always challenging ourselves. There is no such thing as "we can't pull that off"! In my opinion the same way we should approach life.

Stephen: I think the biggest change for us over 10 years when it comes to our sound is, we understand how to get the feeling we want to achieve much quicker than in the past. As far as the industry, we are always trying to find the best new means of promotions that always seem to be rapidly evolving.

What is some advice you have for artists just starting out that helped you grow into your powerhouse group?

Bob: Practice, practice, practice! Also, listen and learn! We are far from perfect! There are those that are willing to teach you musically and about life, but you must listen for it to yield fruit.

Austin: My only advice for any musician pursuing their passion is, to take time figuring out what YOUR sound and vibe are. Groups with an understanding of what the goal of their material is and placement of marketing go the distance.

Jeff: If I had any advice to give, it would be valuing the people that believe in you and what you do.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Chad: We have 3 more singles/videos to release in 2021. And baring we can play shows again, we will be releasing our new EP Elements of Humanity in late summer/ early fall of 2021.

Bob: More... We never stop writing and always have something to say...



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