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Get Lost in LLV’s Mind in “Brush Her Hair"

LLV is an R&B artist whose music is heavily focused on their love for guitars.

Using the instrument as a source to create unique tones, LLV has a unique approach to music creation that feels almost experimental but with a familiar feeling to it. This was something that we could easily hear in LLV’s latest release “Brush Her Hair”.

“Brush Her Hair” opens up strong with the chorus hitting us in the face first, coming in thorough with the lyrics “I like the way she brush her hair”, LLV creates an interesting soundscape that pulls us into his mind. We couldn’t help but feel like “Brush Her Hair” was about feelings that LLV had caught on to someone. This is something that we believe a lot of people will be able to relate to, combined with the production aesthetic of a chill-out RnB backdrop over heavy hip-hop drums, “Brush Her Hair” is a song that LLV’s fans will be pleasantly happy to hear.

“Brush Her Hair” features a twangy electric guitar that sings along with the vocals, twinkling soft pads that sit in the back, deep modern-sounding 808 drum kit, and then LLV’s perfectly intimate vocals that are right up on your face along with a sparkling reverb that combines it together with the track. We are loving everything that went on in “Brush Her Hair” and can’t wait to hear what is coming next from LLV.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic LLV! We are loving the deep vibes you have going on in “Brush Her Hair!” What was the songwriting process like? Did it start on the guitar?

Majority of the songs I create I start with the instrumental first and let the lyrics flow from there. the songwriting process was just natural I stick to what I like then build from it. 

We are loving how much you love the guitar! What are some ways that you try to manipulate the sound?

EQ a must, my other plugins I keep secret. 

Now that “Brush Her Hair” is out, what kinds of direction do you see your music going in future releases? Do you have any new styles or ideas that you’d like to try out?

I'm not sure, but whatever I come up with I hope people enjoy it. definitely interested in trying out a new genre not sure which one yet.  

What's next for you?

I'm not even sure!


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