Get Lost in "Lucy's Dream," with Antonio Eyez

As a prominent Producer/Composer, Antonio Eyez has his sights set on crafting a listening experience like no other.

With many different genres under his belt, Antonio Eyez frequently attempts to collide various worlds of music, which usually produces an authentically-derived and personable sound. Working with various artists across many different categories, Antonio Eyez chooses to focus his energy on the various impacts and translations that arise from the magnitude of music, and his latest track, "Lucy's Dream", offers a real adventure for alternative music fans.

Eclectic collections of alternative soundings are packed into "Lucy's Dream". The song explores a variety of genres and creates a lucidly expressive soundscape as a result of the potent intertwining of impressionable sounds.

"Lucy's Dream" crafts a very specific narrative, and yet, one that can be interpreted in multiple varying ways. That ambiguity stems ultimately from the unique expression that gets delivered, and the production of the track only further accentuates that aspect. Antonio Eyez did a fabulous job at manifesting the surreal atmosphere presented in "Lucy's Dream", and crafting that unique listening experience--one that is full of texture and various layers.

All in all, "Lucy's Dream" was an elaborate experience, perfectly packaged via the exquisite performance by Antonio Eyez.

What went into the process of producing "Lucy's Dream", and how did your musical influence from the external world drive the essence of the song?

I wanted to write a song that showed the depth of being an artist and when I wrote “Lucy’s Dreams” I was recovering from COVID-19. I wanted 2 challenge myself as a writer to write and perform while being sick in the studio & it worked out. I produced, arranged, composed, and performed it all. I had (Grammy Award Winning Engineers) to Mix and Master it: Monyea Crawford and Alvin Speights. They did an amazing job.

What were you hoping was the main takeaway from "Lucy's Dream", especially considering the level of ambiguity that can arise from the track?

That live funk/rock music is dope and understanding that you can go against the norm and just be yourself.

What kind of lessons would you say you personally learned after producing "Lucy's Dream"?

Never limit yourself and that funky gritty music is not dead. You can record anything on your iPhone.

Where do you see your own composures extending out from here after gaining another single under your belt?

Continuing to make hits and make money. Also, performing my music on MTV, VH1, AMA’S, Grammy’s, major tours, and working with other artists around the world.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music in 2020?

I’m grateful to be able to create music that real music lovers want to hear and buy in these times. Also, understanding that PEOPLE are ready to listen to music more than EVER. The future of Rock n Roll is now.