Get Lost in the Clouds With Venture Rose’s Release “Need to Know"

The up and coming pop singer/songwriter Venture Rose has been a long time coming since she was at a young age when she discovered her love for singing and performing music. Drawing influences from Dido, Norah Jones, and Amy Winehouse, Venture Rose makes for a unique, dynamic listening experience that speaks out to large audiences. Venture Rose is only just getting started on what she can do and she is already beginning to blow us away with her latest single “Need to Know” and it is an ethereal masterpiece.

Off the start of “Need to Know” we are introduced to beautifully airy vocal pads that put us into a deep trance, then transitioning into an even airier angelic verse that grounds us with a heavy 808 drum kit with a little spark of trap. The lyrics “Falling in love is not, easy enough” is amazingly complimented by Venture Rose’s beautiful vocal melodies and her airy texture that feels like a warm pillow that we can’t help but feel comforted by. From start to end, "Need to Know” fills us with joy and confidence and we cannot get enough of all of these beautiful textures that Venture Rose has. This unique style is something that will be surely hard to forget and we think that everyone should give this a listen, we promise it will feel good.

Be sure to listen to “Need to Know” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Venture Rose! What a beautiful song, what was your initial spark of inspiration to create “Need to Know”? What does the song mean to you on a personal level?

Most songs I write are almost immediate, like word vomit and this song was just how I was feeling at that moment. I remember reflecting on all the change that was happening at the time, and I realized how quickly things can change without noticing it. We can lose ourselves sometimes in the highs of life, and before you know it, that chapters over and it's time to move on. 

A key highlight of this record for us is how incredibly airy and beautiful everything sounds, was this something in mind when you began writing this song or did it come during the recording and production? How was this achieves?

I just had to get the idea out, so I recorded this song late at night in my apartment, and I had to be quiet since I had my roommate there. I originally planned to just lay the concept down, but I got so inspired and ended up really liking the sound of my voice at that time so I just went for it, and I didn't want to rerecord it. 

Since you debut EP ‘Heartbreak Summer’, how do you feel the music you are creating now has evolved since then? How far apart of a writing period was it from when you wrote your EP and “Need to Know?

When I listen to my last EP I sometimes can't believe it's me, I have grown so much since then, but creating that EP was so necessary and is a moment I will never forget. I feel like each day since I just keep blossoming, my love for writing music, and the desire to learn more continues to bloom. There's not much time that goes in between writing songs for me, it keeps me sane.

With your influences being truly icons of the music world, what about those artists makes them an influence for you? How do you differentiate the music you are creating with what everyone else is doing?

My influences vary in genre so when it comes to who is my favorite, I'm truly all over the place. I love the nostalgia of my influences like Dido and Alanis Morissette, during the time of their first few songs, music was more lucid. There was no format, everyone had a different sound from vocals to production. Music was just music, it made you feel, and that's how I still listen to it today. I believe my voice and melodies are what set me apart, I know its a different sound, but it's my mine. 

What else can we expect in 2020?

I'm very excited to be releasing plenty of music, I have been sitting on a lot of songs and I'm ready to just go for it. I have a great team, and I just can't wait for everyone to win.