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Get Lost In The Contagious Melodies Of “She Comes And Goes” By The Dangerous

Making noise out of San Jose, California, The Dangerous is an indie reggae band that formed in 2018. Childhood friends and founders, Keviano Azevedo and Edgar Fernandez are no strangers to the music industry having come from indie rock group Citabria that achieved some mainstream success. Their latest project, The Dangerous stems from their love of reggae music combined with their past experiences of rock and electronic sounds. Their newest members include Manuel Ramos on bass and Anthony Perez on guitar. Both members bring their experiences along for the ride having come from Reggae bands of their own. Travis is the most recent addition to the band contributing on the keyboards. The Dangerous released their debut album “Made of Gold” April 20, 2019.

“She Comes and Goes” is a smooth reggae track by The Dangerous that flows through emotive lyricism, rhythmic textures, and an authentic and original reggae sound. The Dangerous have a sound unlike anything we’ve heard before! We love the chemistry and individuality that comes free-flowing through  the speakers. “She Comes and Goes” is all about the highs and lows of this man losing his girl. I believe that it can be interpreted by the listener depending on their circumstances and I’d love to know The Dangerous’ inspiration. The groovy tunes and catchy melodies demand to be heard while the vocals are clean and take the listener on a journey. Get lost in the musical stylings of The Dangerous and stay on the lookout for what they deliver next!

Check out “She Comes and Goes” here and read more below in our exclusive interview with The Dangerous!

Hey guys! Can you tell us more about how you all met and how you created the name The Dangerous?

Keviano- Edgar and I have been friends and creating music in multiple projects together since  2001. We met Anthony through another close friend when we were active in another reggae band. Manny also came into that scene around the same time, however he was playing with another band. Travis and I shared a Jazz Improv class when I attempted to go to college. I reconnected with Travis randomly at an old rehearsal studio. We started making beats together and a couple years later he joined The Dangerous. Coming up with a band name has always been difficult in the past but this time around it didn’t take long. Originally I came up with Stepping Razor, which I dug. It was taken from a Peter Tosh song but then I looked up The Dangerous (which was also part of the lyrics), and it wasn’t taken. I couldn’t believe it. It was easy for all of us to agree on the name. 

In what ways do your different personalities coming together influence your music?

Keviano- Everyone brings their individual voice to the sound. We share similar taste in musical directions but who we are individually is what really defines our uniqueness. Manny is rooted deep in older reggae and old R&B, so his bass lines are usually really tasteful and fat. Anthony has the capability to rip a crazy guitar solo but he also has a beautiful way of constructing melodies and accompaniment. Travis is a wizard when is comes to creating harmony and guiding the direction of a song’s energy. Edgar has a great sense of direction for arrangements and always has a new groove up his sleeve. I’m usually the one recording/engineering everything. I’m also the one always searching for new sounds. My goal is to keep the creative flow moving forward.

Can you tell us more about the meaning behind “She Comes And Goes”?

Edgar- I think I recall this being the second song we wrote for the album. Keviano originally came up with the progression and bassline. We then started coming up with arrangements and then I came up with the guitar line in the intro. I didn't have much experience writing vocal ideas at this point since I've been strictly an instrumentalist pretty much my whole musical career. I remember writing lyrics and vocal melodies taking a long time to develop and actually most lyrics were written by Keviano with me only making suggestions here and there. This song is about being with someone you really desire to be with but they come and go at their own leisure. At the same time, making you realize that this person isn't worth your efforts.

How has the California music scene influenced your music?

Edgar- We're all Cali natives and grew up here so thats all we know. As far as influence goes, I think it's beyond the music. Its the lifestyle we live and the abundance of cultures constantly melding new trends and musical styles.

What’s next for The Dangerous?

Edgar- Right now we're focusing mainly on our live performances and working on putting a tour together to end 2019. In parallel, we're working on a whole batch of new songs that will eventually become our sophomore album. Release date is TBD. Thank you to all that have followed us and continue to show their support. Peace & Love.


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