Get Lost in the High Octane Scape of, "Trap Angeles"

Zuma Quintero is a music producer and DJ based out of Dallas, Texas. Inspired by EDM, Trap, and dark Techno, he also dabbles in the roots of his Hip-hop upbringing.

His most recent single, “Trap Angeles,” gives us a view into Zuma Quintero’s rollercoaster ride of emotion through the events of last year. Introducing us to the enigmatic undertones of this atmospheric realm, the foreboding ambiance tiptoes into an eclectic scale of textured distortion in the underworld of futuristic hues. There is a specific complexity that is laced into this purely instrumental composition.

Incorporating Trap-style drums, with an Electronic, Dubstep foundation, “Trap Angeles,” truly resonates with us as a song that has its own sonic destination in the way it unfolds. What catches our attention the most has to be the unraveling of the ominous tenors that surface through the various avenues of their own lifespan. “Trap Angeles,” is a song that will heighten listeners' senses as they each take away their own individualistic meaning from the layers sprawled across this record.

With a well-balanced offering of elements that are dispersed through the musical crevasses, we hone in on the eccentric mindset that encourages Zuma Quintero to create. Now finding his footing with the sound he wishes to master, we can expect to see Zuma Quintero collaborating with Grammy-winning producers in order to put out music that is up to par with his exceedingly high standards.

Hello Zuma Quintero and welcome back to BuzzMusic. With the release of “Trap Angeles,” we love how we get to hear the dark and memorable sounds that immerse us in a sense of mystery. Could you please share a deeper glimpse into the concept that brought this song to life?

I was pretty inspired by a lot of EDM trap vibes and spent a lot of time going to LA at night and taking photos since it was really empty due to covid, this is probably the heaviest track on this EP. I had this idea of creating something a bit uneasy and a mind trick as well as focus on the production even more unlike my last project. The Trap is a dangerous place and the type of music has a darker feel…and just like LA at night. I wanted to have both words something along those lines so that’s how the title came about.

How does a song like “Trap Angeles” compare to other songs that you’ve created? How long did it take for you to create this soundscape?

Honestly, all my stuff has something tied in with hip-hop but I think this one really stands out for the production quality since I’ve been collaborating with Grammy-winning producers on other projects, and having my homie GMBEATZ behind all the mixing and mastering it really helped shaped my sounds because I have a lot of knowledge and everything just fell into place. I do have to say this project is way different from the new music I’ve been working on already. This was a fun experience, experimenting with different sounds and crossing different genres.

With every artist having a different creative process, where do you usually seek inspiration in both a musical and non-musical realm?

Honestly, I make beats for artists or I’m writing in sessions so I always get to change it up instead of just working on music for myself. I have also been involved with starting my own clothing line and tequila brand so I’m pretty busy and everything I’m inspired by shows it's way back to me in a weird way.

What is the message that you hope to send to your listeners with the release of “Trap Angeles?"

Honestly, my message is really just to embrace the unknown and when stuff seems like it’s going to shit it’s usually a sign that a bigger blessing is about to show up. On this EP I have a track called Trust Issues and it’s really about asking for the strength to win the battles instead of asking for stuff to be easy and being scared to fail.